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Play One Of Hitman's Levels For Free

(Image credit: IO Interactive)

IO Interactive has decided to give gamers a special treat: a free episode of the 2016 outing of Hitman. The game released over the course of 2016 and into early 2017, featuring a number of playable episodes designed around taking out specific targets in exotic locations. One of those locations is free to access right now.

Gamespot is reporting that you can acquire the Spring Pack for Hitman right now, for free. You don't need any special access codes, you don't need a special promo sheet, and you don't even need any of the premium services to acquire a copy. The free map includes Sapienza, and it comes with all of the main missions, the side-targets, and the challenges.

The free map is available for Xbox One, PS4 and PC users up until April 3rd. It's one of the six locations that are featured in Hitman. It takes place in a fictional city by the beach in Italy. The main theme of the mission centers around infiltrating a mansion and killing a scientist while also retrieving a deadly virus. Players will have to sneak, disguise, and machinate their way through the resort front in order to make their way into the heavily guarded and very secure bio-lab.

There are different levels of difficulty to encounter, along with a variety of disguises to don, weapons to utilize, and contracts to carry out.

None of the past Elusive Targets that were made available for the Sapienza map are currently available. However, the article does note that if IO Interactive decides to bring the Elusive Targets back for the Sapienza map, those of you who acquire the free Hitman map now will be able to participate in that particular challenge.

As mentioned, the map is entirely free and you'll be able to keep it for as long as you have your Steam, PSN or Xbox Live account.

Additionally, all of the progress you make on the map can be saved and carried over into the full versin of the Hitman bundle if you do decide to buy the rest of the maps. So, it's almost like an extended demo.

IO Interactive broke off from under the Square Enix publishing label last year. Square Enix gave the Swedish outfit its independence without withholding the Hitman intellectual property.

IO seems to be doing okay on its own, continuing to produce content for the 2016 stealth-assassination game while also giving away free episodes like the Spring Pack.

You can acquire the pack by simply logging into Steam and going to the Steam store page and clicking on the green "Play Game" button. For Xbox users head to the Xbox Store and search Hitman's Spring Pack to find the free episode. For PlayStation users you can head to the PlayStation Store and search the Spring Pack to add it to the cart and checkout with it for free.

Again, you only have up until April 3rd to get your hands on the free Sapienza map, so work fast.

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