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Sea of Thieves

There has been a lot of chatter surrounding a new feature for Sea of Thieves that Rare wanted to implement for when players die in the game. Essentially, there was going to be a penalty for death called a "Death Cost," but it doesn't look like that's going to happen after all.

Executive producer on Sea of Thieves, Joe Neate, posted a tweet on his official account explaining that after hearing the feedback for the proposed Death Cost feature in the game for Xbox One and Windows 10 users, the team decided to pull the plug on it.

Feedback was obviously negative, as many gamers did not want to incur a penalty upon death in the game.

The original feature was going to make it so that, depending on how a player died in the game -- whether it be accidentally, by the environment, or from an NPC skeleton -- it would determine what sort of cost penalty the player would incur upon death. Certain deaths would require higher gold fees to pay the ferryman to get out of purgatory.

A lot of people did not particularly like this penalty method for death, since a lot of people die in sometimes dumb ways. Heck, even while I was playing Sea of Thieves I had a few environmental mishaps trying to reach certain areas. That's not to mention that I was shot a few times in the back by some skeletal warriors. It's bound to happen in a sandbox game.

Some people suggested that Rare should keep the penalty system but apply it to griefers instead of average players. Trolls and player-killers run rampant in the open-world of Sea of Thieves.

One player suggested that instead of getting rid of the death penalty altogether, they could turn it into a feature where the more a player kills other players, the longer his respawn toll is or the higher the coinage toll is in order to pay the ferryman to leave purgatory. The way the system would work is that over a set period of real life weeks, the player penalty would lower itself organically, but if players decide to troll and grief others, it would add one second to their death penalty per every player kill. So someone who killed 40 players in a day would have 40 extra seconds added to their death penalty if they were to die.

Many gamers felt this would be a nice way to provide a disincentive to players who rely on robbing and pirating others in Sea of Thieves; a nice risk/reward feature, basically.

Others also suggested a bounty feature as well, so that players who constantly grief have a reputation that builds up and a bounty that would be placed on their head.

Neate wasn't actually against any of these ideas, and said that Rare would look into it, but didn't promise anything. On the upside, at least the new death penalty that would have affected all players in Sea of Thieves won't make the cut.