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Soldiers rest Spec Ops: The Line

Spec Ops: The Line came out of left field five years back to entertain both fans and critics alike as a unique shooter boasting a story that was actually worth following. And if you've missed out on it up to this point, or just want to dive back in for another tour of duty, you can actually pick it up for a limited time free of charge.

Over on the Humble storefront, they've marked the price down by 100 percent. So, a game that typically runs for about $30 these days has been discounted to grabs calculator zero dollars. The only hook here is that the discount is available for a very limited time. As of this writing, you've got just over a day to claim the game, adding it to your cart and making it playable on Steam, PC, Mac or Linux. We've rummaged around to see if we could turn up a reason for Humble making the game available for nothing and have come up short. In other words, don't ask questions and just get while the getting is good.

Spec Ops: The Line is notable for a couple of reasons. While it began as a PC series, Spec Ops stepped into the limelight when it launched as a bargain bin title, offering military shooty-shooty action for $9.99 brand new, day one, on the original PlayStation. It apparently earned a decent enough following, because a handful of sequels popped up, with the price eventually moving up as well.

Things were pretty quiet for Spec Ops for a while and then, in 2012, The Line popped up and offered a markedly different take on the genre. Games like Destiny and Fortnite turn the act of shooting into joyous romps, while even more series takes from Call of Duty or Battlefield tend to focus on the heroics of combat punctuated by glorious moments of overtaking the enemy with a rousing score pumping up the adrenaline.

While The Line certainly had its fair share of cinematic shootouts, the game itself carried a somber tone and a soundtrack to match. The story, too, forced the player to consider more mature themes and ideas than "we're the heroes and we're here to take out the baddies."

Following the campaign, there's a multiplayer option to keep you coming back for more and, given the fact that the game is available for free right now, we figure the servers will receive a fresh influx of activity.

Being careful to avoid spoilers, feel free to share your thoughts on Spec Ops: The Line in the comments section below. We're not sure those recommendations will be necessary, though, since the game is free and all. Couldn't hurt just to give it a download and see what you think.