Blizzard Entertainment is bringing back a popular event that many Overwatch fans enjoyed when it first popped up some years ago. For gamers looking to take charge of some fun and battle it out in a special PvE map come April, you're in luck because Blizzard has something special in store for you.

The official Overwatch Twitter account tweeted out that, starting April 10th, the King's Row map is making a return to Overwatch, and players will be tasked with clearing out the enemies in the cooperative PvE event. The objective is to work together as a team and finish off the enemy waves in order to complete the story event. It's very similar to the PvE mode in Team Fortress 2.

You can earn rare loot during the event, including new emotes and skins for a variety of characters, as well as other goodies between April 10th and April 30th. You'll likely want to start practicing and getting ready now so that when the event starts you'll be ripe and ready to dispense some co-op justice against the enemy Omnics. Also, if you missed out on the event last year, this is a perfect opportunity to hop back in and earn some loot.

A lot of gamers were excited about the event, and there are plenty of memes showing support and excitement for the upcoming event's return.

Originally, the Overwatch Uprising took place in spring of 2017 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One gamers. Gamers took part in more than 145 million matches, securing more than 67 million victories and destroying 8.5 billion enemy NPCs in the process, according to the Uprising brawl infographic.

The stats reveal that the most picked heroes during the All Heroes Mode in the last event included Mercy (as always), Soldier 76, Bastion, and Orisa. I wonder if Mercy will still make the charts this time around even after the team has been nerfing her and improving her and changing her, with lots of less-than-pleasant responses from the community reception.

Regardless of what changes have been made, in the last Uprising event the Overwatch community managed to complete the map in an average of 14 minutes and 36 seconds. The fastest completion time on the normal setting was 10 minutes and 48 seconds.

One of the most interesting stats from the last event is that the player who destroyed the most enemy Omnics in a single match did not belong to a PC player, but actually belonged to a player on the PS4, who managed to wipe out 2,360 Omnics. Just behind them was an Xbox One player who managed to rack up 2,155 kills, and last but not least was a PC player with 1,911 kills.

Maybe things will change up this time around when the event goes live on April 10th for PC, PS4 and Xbox One gamers playing Overwatch.

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