Chris Hecker's SpyParty is a multiplayer, low-competition PvP game about espionage and backstabbing taking place in a small 3D sandbox at a party where players are tasked with carrying out specific mission assignments without being spotted out.

According to Polygon, SpyParty will finally make its way into Early Access on Steam starting later this month on April 12th for $15. The game has actually been in development for the last half decade -- yes Hecker and a small crew of developers have been toiling away on the game since 2013. Over time the game has evolved from a small homegrown indie project and blossomed into what could be a sleeper hit if it catches the right audience.

The game is about a high-class party taking place in participation with the upper echelon of society's elite. The objective of the game is that there is a spy attempting to carry out a mission while a sniper is tasked with killing the spy before they can complete the task.

Yes, the game's competitive multiplayer setup is quite similar to the PvP modes in the older Assassin's Creed titles, which grew in popularity due to the fact that they were quite unlike other PvP multiplayer games out there and offered gamers something clearly distinct and different from what was being offered in Battlefield and Call of Duty.

With SpyParty, the developers are aiming to capture that subtlety of PvP tension, where players must carry out their tasks without outing themselves. The real trick is that the spy must blend into the environment while the sniper only has one bullet to kill the spy.

Who will complete their mission first?

It's very similar to the recent steampunk Victorian game, Murderous Pursuits, which is from the same developers that made The Ship. Both games are themed around players using the environment and subterfuge in order to kill other players without being outed by the NPCs or killed by each other.

This kind of anti-mayhem approach is a far-cry from what you might typically find in a game like... Far Cry.

At the moment, the developers are putting the game through the beta testing trenches. Ironing out some of the glitches and fixing up the content. They have plans on pushing the game through the Early Access process in order to further refine SpyParty's gameplay and eventually launch it in full.

Some of the new content making its way into the Early Access version includes an all new tutorial to help both the spies and the snipers get acquainted with the controls, as well as a replay feature so you can check out how the whole round unfolded from multiple perspectives. And there's also going to be the inclusion of six different maps, each with their own ins and outs.

Matchmaking is also planned for the Steam release. At the moment the game is still undergoing beta testing, which gamers can join by purchasing the game from the main site for $15.00. The price is expected to stay the same when SpyParty hits Early Access.

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