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battle royale showdown Fortnite

Updates for Fortnite keep rolling out on a regular basis, with Epic kicking off April with a small roster of fixes that help clean up the Battle Royale experience.

The latest update for Fotnite went live as March gave way to April, bringing with it a trio of adjustments to the Battle Royale mode that have helped squash a few bugs. While nothing significant was changed in v3.4.1, Gamespot points out that multiple crash fixes have been implemented, the pump shotgun animation delay has been corrected and folks who earn eliminations with sniper rifles will once again be able to see how long of a shot they managed to hit.

That last fix is probably the most noteworthy, as folks frequently claim bragging rights over those long-distance shots. It's also just kind of fun to see those distances pop up on the screen and enjoy a personal swell of pride courtesy of your godlike, 1337 camping skillz. It was also probably important to get this fix implemented since last weekend played host to a new, limited time sniping mode.

The pump shotgun animation fix is also an important one, since I'd wager about 50 percent of kills in Fortnite Battle Royale come courtesy of a boomstick. Watch any decent streamer steamroll the competition and you'll likely witness a rather impressive number of scenes involving them hopping around like a bunny, blasting their opponents from close quarters.

Sadly, that's about all there was to get excited about in this latest update. Hey, they can't all be winners. Besides, the most recent update before this one included the arrival of the Guided Missile weapon for Battle Royale and a new Easter-themed series of missions in Fortnite's Save the World campaign.

Speaking of which, for players who wish there were more opportunities to practice their skills in Battle Royale before getting dropped into combat, you really might want to consider diving into the single player campaign. I know that's old news for many players, but a surprising number of players seem to forget that the cooperative mode is even available.

Not only is it a good way to earn some in-game currency to spend on fun skins and such in Battle Royale, but the missions allow you to practice all of the game's various systems without worrying about being the last person standing. You'll be building a lot of structures in that mode, with hordes of zombies to shoot at in the process. I've gone entire Battle Royale matches and only come across an opponent or two before getting sniped in the match's closing moments. Obviously, that's not an ideal way to get used to shooting each of the game's weapons. Save the World offers plenty of targets, so get in there and git gud.

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