Hitman Definitive Edition

IO Interactive and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment announced that the two companies have teamed up for a special retail release of Hitman: Definitive Edition, which will be published for the Xbox One and for the PlayStation 4 by Warner Bros.

After IO parted ways with Square Enix last year, both IO and Warner Bros. made a recent announcement via a press release, where IO Interactive's CEO stated that the studio was glad to be partnered with Warner Bros., because it meant that IO could focus on working on games instead of handling the logistics of publishing a retail version of the Hitman: Definitive Edition. Warner Bros. noted that it was privileged to publish the definitive edition of the game for the Xbox One and PS4 starting next month on May15th, 2018.

Not only will the game launch physically at participating retailers across the nation, IO also noted that the game will be available with support for the PlayStation 4 Pro and the Xbox One X. We don't know exactly what sort of enhancements will be added to the Xbox One X and PS4 Pro versions, but it's likely a safe bet that it will either support upscaled 4K at the very least. If IO can optimize and shave off a few cycles on the GPU, there might be a possibility of seeing the game running at 1440p, or in a hopeful case, 1800p.

The Hitman: Definitive Edition will come with all of the base content that was present throughout the original 2016 episodic outings. This includes the standard contracts, challenges, and escalation missions across seven different maps that include the ICA training facility, the Paris fashion show, the Sapienza beachfront, Marrakesh marketplace, Bangkok, Colorado, and the Hokkaido resort in Japan.

In addition to all of the standard episodes, IO Interactive also worked on four additional missions for the game from the Patient Zero campaign, along with three additional Escalation contracts, three all new weapons you can unlock, and new outfits from the Game of the Year digital edition release that includes the clown suit, the cowboy suit, and the raven suit. There will also be several "summer" bonus missions made available from the ICA that take place in Sapienza and Marrakesh bundled into the package.

And, on the topic of brand new outfits and costumes, IO Interactive cooked up a special selection of three all new 20th anniversary outfits in a bundle, as outlined on the 20 years of IOI page. This includes disguises for Agent 47 based on IO Interactive's third-person shooter, Freedom Fighters; the heist thriller Kane & Lynch; and one of the company's more underrated titles, Mini Ninjas.

Last but not least is the Hitman: Blood Money Requiem Pack, which will also be packed into the game, featuring the Requiem suit, a Pale Duck Explosive, and an ICA Chrome Pistol for Agent 47.

While the Hitman: Definitive Edition will feature all of the previously released content, it won't feature all of the content on the disc itself, nor will it contain the Elusive Target missions. So, just to recap, some of the DLC content will require you to download it after you purchase the physical copy. IO suggests keeping 12GB through 24GB free on your hard drive for the DLC.

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