Heroes Of The Storm Is Getting A New Diablo Character

Blizzard Entertainment is still rolling out new content for the free-to-play MOBA title, Heroes of the Storm. The next character to join the roster of champions is another popular character from the Diablo franchise, giving gamers one of the franchise's fan-favorites to finally play.

The news was unveiled courtesy of the Heroes of the Storm YouTube channel, where Blizzard unveiled that Deckard Cain would be added to the game.

The reveal was done with a brand new four minute long cinematic trailer that gives gamers a rundown of Deckard Cain's personality and backstory. They explain that he's a scholar tasked with protecting the world of Sanctuary from the evil demon hordes. It's explained in the video that his ancient ties to a holy order have allowed him to prevail in his fight against evil, but now he's moving onward and upward to become a hero in the storm, and study the ancient secrets of the Nexus.

The video then moves on to explain what Deckard's abilities are like. We learn that he's a support healer, as well as having the ability to debuff opponents and denial using an area of effect skill. His weaknesses are pretty obvious, with silences and mobility working clearly against him.

Some of his buffs include passives that reward Deckard for staying close to his teammates, allowing him to buff his armor and to reduce the cooldown on his abilities. This helps further promote the team-player effect for those looking to main a healer in Heroes of the Storm.

Deckard's main active skill is the healing potion, which can roll out five at a time. Each potion heals teammates by a small bit, but if they consume all five they'll receive a sizable healing replenishment.

There's also the Horadric Cube, which is an active damage skill, which deals small amounts of damage but also briefly slows down opponents. This is a great skill to use when setting up a team attack. His Scroll of Sealing works in similar fashion, but instead of slowing enemies down, it completely roots them to the ground for a brief period of time, not unlike other champions in Heroes of the Storm who can briefly stunlock opponents.

Deckard's ultimate is pretty hilarious, as he whips out a book and tells the enemies a tale, causing them to stay a while and listen, causing them to end up falling asleep. He also has a vortex tornado that pushes enemies away.

Deckard joins other characters from Diablo in Blizzard's MOBA, along with various heroes from the company's many other games, including StarCraft, Overwatch and Warcraft.

You can look for Deckard Cain to arrive in Heroes of the Storm later this month as a playable character in the PC title.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.