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Jackbox Games recently announced that the Jackbox Party Pack 5 is set to release later this year during the fall. The news came to a head during this year's PAX East event in Boston, Massachusetts, where it was also confirmed with an announcement trailer.

The trailer was posted on the official Jackbox Games YouTube channel, clocking in at just under two minutes in length. The trailer is a parody for the company Binjpipe, which sets itself up as a media content provider. It hilariously depicts the outfit as providing people with social media, streamable content, subscription services and ads.

All of the spoofing is a lead-in for the You Don't Know Jack logo, and the announcement that the party pack will allow for up to eight players to join in on the action.

The party pack will contain five of the You Don't Know Jack titles. The game was also simultaneously revealed with a Jackbox Party Pack PAX Panel, which featured a group of panelists playing through some Fibbage before switching over to Civic Doodle.

The panel previewed some of the content you can expect to experience in the Jackbox Party Pack 5. Many of the games included are themed around multiple player participation.

For instance, in Fibbage the idea is to create a lie and then have other players fill in the answer with their own ridiculous lie. The idea is to find out which answer is the truth, as well as point out the bluff to keep the game interesting.

If you enjoy party games then this is the sort of game that will likely and very easily draw you in. Civic Doodle is themed around coming up with art improvements for town murals, where-as Monster Seeking Monster is a monster dating game where you attempt to date monsters with special powers.

Bracketeering is a game themed around placing bets on "stupid arguments," and one of the more popular games, Survive The Internet, is based on taking comments made by your friends and twisting them around in funny, crude or humorous ways.

We actually see how the Survive The Internet game plays out during the PAX East panel, which ended up getting the crowd really into the game and had them cheering and jeering along with glee.

We don't know exactly what games will be included in the Jackbox Party Pack 5, but it will likely keep all of the previously released games and add a new one to the bunch.

The games can be played across home consoles, PC and mobile devices, along with support for other services such as Comcast Xfinity, the Nvidia Shield TV, and even the Amazon Fire. The new game will also be available for PS4, Xbox One, Steam and the Nintendo Switch.

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