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Myst Developers Run Kickstarter For 25th Anniversary Collection

(Image credit: Cyan Worlds)

Developer Cyan decided to open up the Kickstarter campaign for the 25th anniversary collection of Myst. The team at Cyan Worlds will be running the crowdfunding campaign for a lengthy 44 days in order to secure enough funding for the project.

The campaign is live right now over on the Kickstarter page, and Cyan Worlds is seeking $247,000 in order to bring the anthology to life.

At just a day in, the crowdfunding campaign racked up more than $238,000, with more than 1,200 backers putting money into the project in order to bring back the classic Myst series for the 25th anniversary.

The Cyan team sought funds to acquire all the licenses for the Myst franchise, so that they could work with Idea Planet to optimize and upgrade the outings to work with modern day hardware. As pointed out on the Kickstarter page, attempting to run the older games on newer machines is a pain due to the way the operating systems are set up, and, unless you're really handy with the DosBox, it can almost be as frustrating as the olden days when players would have to create boot disks and manually modify the system settings in order to get the games to run and run well.

Cyan wants to take the hassle out of playing the classic Myst games that have been available over the last 25 years.

For those who pledge over $99, you'll not only receive every single one of the Myst games up until the release of Real Myst, the anthology also comes in the form of a special book that houses all seven games via a DVD.

However, you don't have to pledge $99 to get your hands on all seven games. It's also possible to back the project for $49, and gain access to digital versions of each of the titles released over the last quarter century.

The games will be available to run on most modern machines, including Windows 10. The collection will be provided through digital keys that will be unlocked through the DRM-free service, This means that any future updates or modifications will be provided for free.

If you're willing to put in $169 or more into the Kickstarter campaign, you'll not only receive all of the games and a physical Myst book, but the book will come with a digital screen to mimic the Linking Book from the Myst series. The LCD linking book panel will display images from the game on an 800 x 480 display screen, sporting flyby shots from the series.

The digital release for the seven games isn't due until August of 2018. For those of you who want the goodies that come with the physical book, you'll have to wait until November of this year.

It's definitely obvious that the Kickstarter will succeed, it's just a matter of how many more backers the project will manage to lure in before the 44 days are up. Either way, it looks like Myst fans will get their 25th anniversary collection.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.