Rasputin The Warmind Destiny 2

Bungie made quite a few big Destiny 2 announcements today, including details on the development road map and, oh yeah, the fact that the next major DLC expansion, Warmind, is due out in about a month.

Talk about burying the lede. Bungie slapped up a post on their blog today going over the "Destiny 2 development roadmap." That rundown kicks off with details about all of the work that has been put into the game in recent months, as well as a look at what Bungie hopes to bring into Destiny 2 between now and September. It's easy to miss, but part of that rundown includes the introduction of Warmind, the game's second major piece of DLC, set to launch on May 8.

We'll get back to some of the finer details of the development road map in a moment but, for now, we're going to take some time to focus on the impending launch of Warmind, which is due out in just shy of four weeks.

The launch of Warmind will mark the beginning of Destiny 2's third season. Finer details will be revealed during an April 24 Twitch stream but, for now, players have plenty of new content to look forward to. To be fair, many fans were unhappy with the additions Fall of Osiris introduced late last year, so here's hoping Warmind has learned from those mistakes.

As with Fall of Osiris, Warmind will include new campaign content, a new destination, new rewards, a new raid lair, new crucible maps and new Legendary and Exotic gear. We know that the DLC will focus on Rasputin, since he's the Warmind and all, but we don't have any other details outside of that. As noted above, that info will be released during the April 24 stream.

Another noteworthy change coming to Destiny 2 is how DLC competitive maps will be handled. New maps can be a tricky thing, because they can fragment the community and, in the case of Destiny 2, potentially lock players out of previously included modes like Trials of the Nine and the Iron Banner if a new map moves into rotation. To address that, all DLC maps will soon shift to being open to all players in competitive modes. If you want to host private matches on those maps, though, you'll need to buy the DLC.

Also part of the development roadmap for May is the introduction of things like seasonal Crucible rankings, private matches, more vault space to store your gear, the ability to use more emotes, Heroic Strike modifiers and more. A new seasonal event will be introduced this summer, including improvements to Faction Rallies, bounties and PC clan chat. September marks the start of Season 4, which will include gear collections, records, weapon randomization and, based on the timing, we assume the third major DLC.

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