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Over the last 24 hours Epic Games' top-tier, highly popular, nearly ubiquitous Battle Royale game, Fortnite, had been suffering from some major server problems. This was a lot more severe than other outages that have occurred, but Epic was quick to seek out a solution.

ComicBook.com is reporting that following the release of update 3.5 for Fortnite, the servers nearly went kaput... for everybody. Throughout the morning the server was down and Epic had to go into emergency maintenance mode.

Things got so bad that the company had to head on over to the Fortnite sub-reddit and explain to the community what was happening, where it was revealed that there was "extended instability" due to a critical failure that occurred with one of the service databases.

The team had to work on the game service infrastructure and the backend for the login utility. Things like voice chat, parties, friends, messaging and even the website and forums were all fully operational during the breakdown.

The issue occurred for the patch that affected both the Battle Royale free-to-play mode and the Save The World campaign mode in Fortnite.

After toiling away at the issue for hours, Epic Managed to finally resolve the problem late into the afternoon. The team sent out a message to fans and gamers alike, informing them that they found the issue and that the engineers were able to understand the problem.

After fixing the issues, Epic took to the website's blog to announce that everything was back to normal but that the team was sorry for everyone who was unable to play during the downtime.

Epic acknowledged that it had messed up and that to compensate, there would be a weekend offering of the Back Bling gift pack made available for free. This would apply to Fortnite's Battle Royale mode. Alternatively, for gamers who play the Save The World mode, there's going to be a free Troll Stash Llama available from the store.

Additionally, Battle Stars will be handed out to the Battle Royale players and there will be some Seasonal Gold given to the Save The World players. This is all in response to rewarding gamers for being patient during the server downtime.

The update includes the all new replay system, allowing players to modify their captures and save their matches, along with all new weapons being added to Fortnite, with plenty of weapon balance tweaks to keep the game fair and fun for everyone. A new squad comms wheel was added, along with new modes, new gameplay options, and tons of bug fixes.

The team also added environmental damage for some of the long-range weapons, as well as environmental damage scaling. New mission quest lines were included, along with an all new map. Additionally, cyberpunk heroes were added to the stash, allowing players to take on the roles of some new characters.

All of these new features, bug fixes and alterations were a little too much for the Fortnite servers and everything came crashing down. Thankfully, after many man hours and lots of fixing, the server stability was restored and gamers could hop back into the game.