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A New BioShock Game May Be On The Way

A Big Daddy in BioShock.

Based on the latest rumors, it looks like a new BioShock game could very well be in development. Don't get too excited, though, because those same rumors make it sound like the game is still super early on in development.

These latest BioShock notes come from Kotaku, who recently posted a postmortem of sorts concerning Mafia III. In the midst of all of that talk about why Mafia III never managed to really get off the ground, various sources at Take-Two brought up a mysterious project called "Parkside." The rumor is that Parkside is actually the codename for a new BioShock game, one that the team is being very tight-lipped about.

According to the sources at Hangar 13, the team behind Mafia III, the Parkside team has been kept very small in order to keep from staff ballooning you typically see on potentially big projects. It sounds like, rather than staff up early and get rolling without any clear direction, the team is instead staying very small until they know what direction, exactly, they want to go with the game.

Others at Hangar 13 explained that, as Mafia III was floundering, staff members would try to transition to the Parkside mystery team in order to keep a job within Take-Two. It doesn't sound like many broke through as, again, the team was being kept very small.

Our timing on this might be off but, given the fact that Mafia III was a late 2016 launch, we figure it's a safe guess that staff members were looking to relocate around the spring of 2017. That being the case, that could mean that Parkside is another year into development following the attempted transition of Hangar 13 staff. That's just speculation, of course, and a year certainly isn't all that much time in the grand scheme of things, but maybe the project is a bit further along than initially suggested.

It would certainly be interesting to see what a new BioShock might look like, though we won't pretend that not seeing the now dissolved Irrational Games attached to the project would be a little heartbreaking. Still, maybe this tiny Parkland team at least has some former members of that same staff onboard.

If nothing else, Take-Two taking its sweet time with a new BioShock may be a strategic move for that very reason. Now that the sting has had some time to subside, maybe the world is ready to see what a post-Irrational BioShock looks like. And we'd certainly be interested in your ideas, so feel free to add them to the comments below. The first two BioShock games took us under the sea while Infinite soared in the clouds. I'd argue that Prey is basically BioShock in space, so they probably don't want to head in that direction. So, assuming a new BioShock is actually coming, where should it be set and what philosophical issues should it try to work through?

Ryan Winslett

Staff Writer for CinemaBlend.