Sea of Thieves

Microsoft and Rare's Sea of Thieves launched out of the gate with one major criticism looming overhead: there wasn't enough content. The company was criticized for not having more endgame content and more diversity in the missions. Well, Rare heard the complaints loud and clear and revealed that the new content will arrive in May.

According to the official Sea of Thieves website, there's a post explaining that the new content plans for Sea of Thieves starts with a new expansion in May with The Hungering Deep.

The first major content update will contain a brand new AI threat that players will have to work together in order to discover and defeat. The new AI threat is part of a unique event that can be unlocked.

In addition to a new enemy that players can hunt down in their boats, there are also going to be new in-game mechanics designed to assist new players, as well as all new unique rewards added for players to acquire throughout their journey. Additionally, Rare will start an all new weekly events schedule in May that adds all new mechanics for players to indulge in with special weekly events that have their own special rewards.

The May update for Sea of Thieves will be followed shortly by brand new content set to roll out during the summer months with two major expansions. The first is called the Cursed Sails, which will include a brand new ship type for players to utilize. However, it might be best if the new ship can be acquired rather than just available at the start of the game because there's a lot more replayability to squeeze out of the game if the ship has to be unlocked and earned rather than just given to players.

However, the new ship may come in handy for yet another new expansion called the Forsaken Shores, which will add an all new part to the game's open-sea sandbox, where players will have an all new area of the map to explore and traverse with their teammates.

Both of the summer expansions will also introduce all new gameplay mechanics to Sea of Thieves that have previously not been available in the game. Exactly what these new mechanics will be or how they will change the game wasn't revealed, but it's likely that it will give gamers something new to sink their teeth into as they venture about the ever-expanding game world.

Another thing to look forward to is that each new expansion will also come with all new AI threats, which should be something that appeals to gamers who have already grown tired of the current limited appearance of skeletons and occasional player pirates who scour the seas.

I'm a little shocked that there aren't more AI-controlled pirate ships moseying about the seas to give players a little bit of a challenge along the way. It would go a long way in adding some feeling of depth and emergence to the game beyond the standard PvP present in the game.

The most shocking part of the news, however, is that all of the new content updates for Sea of Thieves will be rolled out for free for current players on the Xbox One or those on Windows 10 who are playing the game.

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