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There's already a new NBA Playgrounds game in the works despite the fact that there were some hiccups and challenges that made the original release somewhat controversial. Nevertheless, the sequel promises bigger thrills and even more over-the-top basketball action.

The announcement for NBA Playgrounds 2 was made via a video on the official NBA Playgrounds YouTube channel. The minute long trailer features a look at some of the cinematic gameplay for the title, which is designed to mimic Acclaim's classic arcade title, NBA Jam.

We see a variety of NBA superstars performing high-impact slam dunks in a variety of outdoor locations. The superstars are performing out of this world dunks; spinning, flipping and leaping long distances to make the points.

Some of the dunks are absolutely crazy, and we see one player leaping high into the air while doing an upside down, midair cartwheel, catching the ball and then passing it off to a teammate to perform a spectacular alley-oop.

Some of the outdoor parks are located off of the beachfront, while others are located within the inner city. We see one court on a pier with a bunch of colorful NPC characters in the background, while another court appears to take place in the middle of a tournament where a trophy is up fro grabs in the background, revealing that NBA Playgrounds 2 is not lacking when it comes to variety and aesthetically pleasing motifs.

Saber Interactive will have even more characters available in the game this time around, topping 200 current and past NBA superstars, along with utilizing all new animations and models.

The original NBA Playgrounds came out last year in the spring, and boy oh boy did it get the gaming community riled. Saber Interactive essentially put out a game to "fill a void" that gamers had been craving since the demise of Acclaim and the lack of arcade-style sports games like NFL Blitz and NBA Jam.

However, when NBA Playgrounds launched it did so in a very glitchy and unfinished way. That's not to mention that the Nintendo Switch version had some major issues that severely hampered its playability. Updates were sparse and far and few in between.

Saber Interactive has plans on releasing the sequel this summer for home consoles and PC. What we don't know is if there will be a scattered release or if the developers are planning on releasing NBA Playgrounds 2 as a simultaneous release. We do know that the game is coming to the Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch, with the PS4 version set to launch at the end of next month on May 22nd. The game is expected to be available on participating digital distributors for $19.99.