Mordenkainen's Tome of Foes

If you've been following the Dungeons & Dragons lore for years and have been interested in the latest offerings from the Wizards of the Coast, there's actually a way for you to check out the new content early and ahead of everyone else.

Over on the official Dungeons & Dragons website, there's a brief notice informing gamers who are interested in the upcoming release of Modernkainen's Tome of Foes sourcebook on May 18th at local game stores and May 28th at all other participating retailers, will be able to get an advanced look (or at least advanced hearing) of the content during special podcast streams covering the content located therein.

The Wizards of the Coast will be working with podcast producers to create episodes based around the material located within the sourcebook, allowing gamers to delve into the fantasy of Dungeons & Dragons with one-shot podcast adventures themed around the monsters, stories and lore of the upcoming Modrdenkainen's Tome of Foes.

There will be more than 20 different podcasts available, which will be recorded and publicly available for gamers interested in the fantasy storytelling featured in the book. This will also give the producers and content creators some creativity to work with in terms of how they role-play the content and allow fans to engage with it ahead of the May release.

The podcasts covering the content from Mordenkainen's Tome of Foes will begin rolling out on May 7th and each day after for every day leading up to the release, there will be two new episodes featured on the Dungeon Delve podcast feed.

Additionally, there will be two live-streams made available on Twitch over the weekends, covering additional points of lore and the monsters from the Dungeons & Dragons sourcebook.

There's also a podcast schedule so that you'll be able to know exactly when and what will be broadcast during the initial May 7th roll out. According to the itinerary, on May 7th there will be the Venture Maidens and the Sneak Attack!, show. This will be followed by Dungeon Drunks and Lawful & Orderly on Tuesday, May 8th. On Wednesday, May 9th there will be Roll Like A Girl and Drunks and Dragons, with Redemption and Heroes Not Included on Tuesday, May 10th. Heading into the weekend there will be d20 Games and RPG Academy on Friday, May 11th, with the live-streams taking place on Saturday and the podcasts picking back up on Sunday, May 13th, with the ITU Trash Crew.

Heading into the second week of content there will be Taking Initiative: DnD RAW on Monday, May 14th, with Tabletop Potluck and You Meet in a Tavern on Tuesday, May 15th. If you stick around to the middle of the week you'll have D&D is for Nerds and The Broadswords on Tuesday, May 17th, with Dice for Brains, Nerd Poker, and The Dice Unkind filling out a rather jam-packed Friday on May 18th, and finally on Sunday, May 20th, there's Return to Greyhawk.

All of this will lead into the official release of Wizards of the Coast's Mordenkainen's Tome of Foes on May 18th and May 28th.

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