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Ubisoft released more footage of the upcoming Beyond Good and Evil 2, this time covering some brand new gameplay elements that have never been seen before or revealed until now. This includes getting a firsthand look at the on-foot segments in the upcoming adventure title.

The trailer was posted on the official Ubisoft North America YouTube channel. The video manages to contain the entirety of the livestream within the two minutes run time of a trailer, this includes a look at the game's ship movement, as well as the on-foot locomotion present in the game.

We, for the first time, get to see the characters performing melee combat using a bo, which is a staff. In this case it's the one character from the cinematic sequence for Beyond Good and Evil 2 who came to save the monkey, Knox. She's wielding the staff except each end is bladed, so she can do some massive damage to anyone who gets in her way.

Movement-wise the combat looks fantastic. It's obviously inspired by the kung-fu classics, with the characters capable of twirling and spinning the staff with great fluidity, so that you get a smooth, cinematic looking combat loop. Of course, this is still early in development and there's no way to know for sure if that feature will stay. Given that most gamers like having their combat move really fast and the animations truncated, don't be surprised if people convince Ubisoft to cut out all the twirling fluff so that it eventually is reduced to look like every other hack-and-slash game out there.

However, it would be pretty cool if all the baton twirling did stay in the game, because it really does look fantastic, and it would really make the on-foot combat look engaging and entertaining every time you got into a fight. The designers wanted this feature to mimic the original Beyond Good and Evil's combat system, where Jade used a staff to dispatch foes.

The video also briefly covers using the personal jetpacks to fly around the sandbox. The jetpacks aren't very fast and you won't be able to reach certain heights, but they're good for manipulating the verticality of the play area in short order when running on foot just won't do.

One other neat aspect of Beyond Good and Evil 2 is that you'll be able to leap out of your ship and straight into combat, which reminds me of leaping out of your car while it's rolling in Grand Theft Auto.

Another particular element discussed in the video is being able to keep in sync with your friends while exploring the world. There's a ship synchronization feature so that squads of pirates can fly together as they explore the planet. It's a neat little mechanic to keep in formation, something that expert pilots have to manually exercise in games like Elite Dangerous and Star Citizen.

Beyond Good and Evil 2 is still heavy in development and a long ways out from release, but it appears as if the developers are slowly making headway with new features and updates.