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Harmonix is looking to beef up the track listings for Rock Band 4, turning to a familiar source for an injection of new tunes: Rock Band Network.

A big hit in the most recent iteration of Rock Band, the Rock Band Network allowed folks to upload their own tracks, peer review them, and even receive a share of the revenue alongside Harmonix and whichever service the song was downloaded from, Xbox Live or the PlayStation Network. While the network functionality itself isn't coming back, Harmonix announced during a recent livestream (via Gameinformer) that songs from the service will soon arrive in Rock Band 4. These songs will be included as part of the regularly occurring DLC for the game, and they'll be available for the standard asking price. But again, this doesn't mean anyone will be able to upload their own songs anymore.

However, since quite a few songs became very popular Rock Band offerings through the service, Harmonix saw this as a way to bolster the Rock Band 4 play list and please series fans at the same time. It should be noted, though, that you're going to need to buy these songs when they become available, even if you bought them in previous versions of the game.

One of the nicest things about Rock Band 4 is that it lets players download songs they purchased for older versions of the game at no extra charge. If a song becomes available in the latest iteration of the game that you already had in, say, Rock Band 3, all you have to do is download it and you're ready to play it again in the new game.

Since licensing didn't work that way for songs on the Rock Band Network, though, Harmonix is unable to offer the same convenience of access. So if you really liked an RBN song back in the day and it's included in an upcoming DLC drop, you'll need to fork over some extra cash to play it in Rock Band 4. Kind of a bummer, but also totally understandable.

Harmonix has gone on to explain that the most popular songs on Rock Band Network will be made available first in Rock Band 4, though they didn't offer any idea of what that first crop of songs might include or when players might expect it to arrive. Still, if there's a song you really, really want to see added to Rock Band 4, the developer is offering a way to have your voice heard.

To request a Rock Band Network song to appear in Rock Band 4, simply head on over to the official song request website, enter the song title and artist you want to see in the game, and hit submit. You can request as many songs as you want, just make sure you input them one at a time. Harmonix notes that they won't guarantee any submission will actually make the cut, but that every submission will definitely be taken into consideration. Obviously, we figure the songs getting the most mentions will move to the top of their list.

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