Madden NFL 19

This is the kind of news you don't hear often, but it appears as if even some of the best and brightest at Electronic Arts find reasons enough to leave their cushy jobs working on big-name, multi-billion dollar franchises. In this case, Madden NFL's creative director decided it was time to take leave from the company after putting in many years of his life into bringing the annual sports iterations to life.

The news comes courtesy of a tweet posted up on May 2nd by Rex Dickson, who was the creative director for NCAA Football 14 and for the Madden NFL games that were released between 2012 and and 2018, covering Madden NFL 13 up through Madden NFL 19.

Dickson's tweet isn't just a basic 100 or so character message giving his well wishes and saying goodbye. The tweet first confirms that the rumors about his departure from Electronic Arts were true, and that he has left EA Tiburon, which was responsible for the Madden games, and the Madden creative team. Below the tweet, Dickson goes into more detail about the departure with a lengthy statement, noting that he had been working on the Madden NFL franchise for just over half a decade, clocking in at six years.

Interestingly enough, Dickson notes that after meeting with the other design leaders, they all came to the collective conclusion that it was time for him to move on. But what's most interesting, is that Dickson believes that this is more of an opportunity for the Madden NFL franchise to tread new water, writing in the statement that it had more to do with him and his family as it was about giving the team an opening to take the franchise in a new direction.

If you're reading into that as if Dickson was forced out, or removed from his position under duress, he nullifies those conspiracies just two paragraphs below that, stating that the decision to leave was actually a private one. He goes on to say that he won't be taking interview requests and he won't be responding to tweets asking him for more details about his departure. He states that there's no drama or deeper story, but that it was simply time to move on, writing,

There is no drama or deeper story here. I have spent more than a decade of my career at EA (12 years total between Medal of Honor and Madden) and I have nothing but gratitude for all the opportunities they created for me.

Before Madden, Dickson was putting in time on the Medal of Honor franchise. However, after the abysmal sales of Medal of Honor: Warfighter in 2012, Electronic Arts decided to shelve the franchise and Dickson found a home in the Madden NFL camp from then onward.

Dickson states that the team is being left in good hands and that community seems to be progressing forward at the right pace.

Dickson's work on Madden NFL 19 comes to a close before the game has even been officially announced, which likely will happen at the EA Play event during this year's E3. The company will also likely ship the annual football title out at some point in August.

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