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A roadmap through the next year's worth of Magic: The Gathering has been plotted, with Wizards of the Coast revealing details about the collectible card game's next three expansions.

If you're the kind of person who just plays Magic and doesn't follow the lore, then you're probably not that interested in the fact that the next trio of expansions will focus on the Ravnica setting. Old-school fans of the game, though, will likely be giddy to return to the beloved region, as well as see the return of a focus on various guilds.

The official announcement for the expansions does a decent job of summing up the recent story that has been driving the new cards in Magic recently. Nicol Bolas, the big bad, is working on the final stages of his ultimate plan to become the most powerful Planeswalker, and the heroes of the world are gathering at Ravnica to try and thwart his efforts.

What that translates to in the game is three expansions which focus on this portion of the story. The ultimate showdown will take place following these next few sets but, for now, it's time to prepare.

The first set in the trilogy is called "Guilds of Ravnica," and its set to release on Oct. 5. As noted above, as well as in the set's name, guilds will play a big part in the card functionality, so expect to see a heavy emphasis on the Boros, Selesnya, Golgari, Izzet and Dimir factions. All told, this set will boast 259 new cards for players to incorporate into their decks.

Next up is "Ravnica Allegiance," which is set to launch in January of 2019. The focus on guilds continues in this set and will boast an emphasis on the Azorius, Rakdos, Gruul, Simic and Orzhov factions. All told, that's a heck of a lot of guilds coming together to stop Bolas in his tracks, so you know the guy has got to be pretty powerful to garner this sort of attention. This set will come with 264 new cards to kick off 2019.

Finally, there's a third Ravnica set in the works, though WotC isn't ready to start yapping about details just yet. However, keeping in line with Magic's recent leaning toward more themed content and swag, you can rest assured these upcoming sets will have you covered with guild-themed pins, stickers, life counters and decks.

Obviously, all of these new cards will also make their way into the digital versions of Magic, giving players on the tabletop and the computer screen the exact same experience.

So, now for the big question, do we have any big Magic fans in the audience? If so, are you looking forward to a yearlong trek through Ravnica? Let us know your thoughts on the new sets in the comments below.