Battlefield V

The upcoming Battlefield V has had a lot of gamers asking a lot of questions. What sort of weapons will be in the game? What sort of vehicles will be in the game? What sort of modes will be in the game? But one of the most important questions has finally been answered, given that Battlefield V's title has finally been explained.

The explanation was posted on the official Battlefield Twitter account, revealing that the 'V' isn't just a Roman numeral, but actually a representation for "Victory." And no, that's not just something the Twitter account made up. It actually refers to statements made popular by Winston Churchill and the Allies during World War II.

As pointed out by Time's editorial on the gesture, it was something that helped define Churchill's persistence in helping lead Britain toward victory during the dark times of World War II. Specifically, it became popularized during his 1941 speech to rouse the country and keep morale high during the war time efforts.

You might also note that the Battlefield Twitter account states that the 'V' is a Roman numeral instead of the numerical '5'. Previous Battlefield games have used traditional Arabic numbers, as depicted with Battlefield 2, Battlefield 3, Battlefield 4 and Battlefield 1.

Switching to the Roman numerals might confuse some people, but focusing the theme on victory from Winston Churchill's speech might help encourage some gamers to dive deeper into the history and some of the figures of World War II.

DICE has claimed that the upcoming Battlefield V is supposed to be the most historically accurate game to date. Some gamers were quite perturbed at that statement after seeing the reveal trailer, but DICE is convinced that the game will win over fans and history buffs alike. The company has also dismissed those criticisms leading up to the EA Play event where more info and gameplay are expected to be revealed for the first-person shooter.

The game is utilizing some new techniques and modes, including an all new cooperative mode for players, along with a bevy of weapons from that era.

DICE also confirmed that the War Stories that were present from Battlefield 1 will also make an appearance in Battlefield V, but the developers didn't quite detail exactly what the stories would be like. We do know that it will focus on a different aspect of World War II, with characters and events not usually featured in previous World War-themed first-person shooters. We'll likely get a first look at the new War Stories in the game when E3 rolls around and brand new footage is revealed.

You can look for Battlefield V to launch later this year, during October, for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and on Origin for PC. And if you're excited about the upcoming game, you'll be able to engage in your own victory sessions once you team up with your squad and start engaging in the all new multiplayer modes.

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