Active Shooter

Development studios Revived Games and Acid are banned from Steam, along with their game Active Shooter. The game and developers were recently banned by Valve after the distribution service investigated the game and found that the title was made in participation with Ata Berdyev.

According to Eurogamer, Valve had banned Berdyev last fall from the Steam store. He had previously ran studios under the names [bc]Interactive and Elusive Team. Valve stated that Berdyev has a history of being a troll, and that he utilized the platform to abuse the Steam customer base, as well as circumvent copyright standards, and manipulate the review system in order to get his games higher ratings.

Valve banned Berdyev and his games from Steam last year, which included games like Russian Underground: VR and Billiard: VR. Gamers who purchased the titles from Elusive Team began collectively reporting the titles to Valve, including organizing report campaigns through the Vive sub-Reddit.

The reports alone weren't the chief cause of what got Berdyev kicked off Steam. According to Eurogamer, it was a copyright claim from Adult Swim for a Unity 3D demo that contained swapped assets based on material from a Rick and Morty game that's currently available on Steam.

Games utilizing asset flips aren't necessarily prohibited from release on Steam, but if the assets contain copyrighted material then Valve usually steps in to either have the developer alter the content or takes steps to have the content removed from the service, which is what happened with Revived Games and Acid's Active Shooter.

According to PC Mag, Berdyev claims that he actually isn't the developer of Active Shooter, but was simply overseeing the development by another developer from Moscow, Russia named Anton Makarevskiy. Anton supposedly doesn't speak good English, and doesn't have an American bank account. So Berdyev let Anton use his account in order to sell Active Shooter.

The PC Mag article states that the reason the duo set things up that way is because recent sanctions between America and Russia has made it difficult for Russian merchants to buy and sell goods from American outlets. Berdyev already had a bank account setup in America, making the setup easy for Anton to supposedly sell Active Shooter and then for Berdyev to send him the money.

However, things did not go as planned after Valve caught wind of Berdyev being back on Steam. The company moved in swiftly to block the sell of Active Shooter along with banning Berdyev from the storefront once again.

The PC Mag article states that Anton may publish Active Shooter from a personal website or through an indie portal and give it away for free. However, he has yet to decide what he wants to do. The article states that Anton had recently quit his job, which saw him printing out posters for businesses, to focus on independent game development full time, hoping to get a big break with the first-person shooter Active Shooter. The game was only in development for two months, and featured many stock development assets.

Following the ban on Revived Games and Active Shooter, Valve stated that it would be having a broader conversation about content policies soon.