What Star Citizen's Developer Thinks About That $27,000 Bundle

One of the 117 ships available in the $27,000 bundle.

It was announced last week that a new DLC bundle was being offered within the game-in-progress, Star Citizen. What sets this bundle apart from the pack is that it costs more than $27,000 to claim, something developer Cloud Imperium Games has gone on to defend.

According to Cloud Imperium, the sudden appearance of a hugely expensive DLC pack within Star Citizen was a reaction to fan demand. In an interview with Polygon, Cloud Imperium explained that their game is not seen as a "normal game" by some players. These players, in fact, are treating the game more like a lifestyle or expensive hobby, similar to sailing. To accommodate their desire for top-dollar content, Star Citizen is delivering.

We were responding to what the community asked for. We have some passionate supporters that are not looking at Star Citizen as your typical game purchase/transaction but rather a dream project they want to see happen.

While no figures were offered to quantify the number of people who requested this package or went so far as to purchase it, Cloud Imperium insists they're only doing what the players have asked for. It's further explained that, while a solo player may decide to drop an extra $27,000 on the package, some of the folks who wanted to see the bundle made available are running in-game guilds. It sounds like all of the stuff in the bundle can be passed around between players, so Cloud Imperium is saying some groups aimed to make the purchase a collective effort. With some guilds totaling upwards of 10,000 players, that's not exactly a huge buy-in for content they will pretty much treat like a timeshare.

As for what the DLC bundle, called the "Legatus Pack," includes, those $27,000 will net you nearly every ship in the game, totaling 117. It should be noted that all of those ships come with lifetime insurance, so players won't have to worry about spending all of that money only to have a bad turn of luck scrap a ship completely. Also included in the bundle are 163 in-game items including ship parts and skins, as well as a bunch of in-game currency.

Based on comments from the community, there's quite a bit of contention tied to this new DLC bundle. Some see the $27,000 price tag and are crying foul. Star Citizen blew past its crowdfunding goal about five years ago and has continued to make a bundle of cash while still in development. With no launch date in sight, it's understandable that some folks would be turned off by any developer making this kind of content available before the game itself is even finished. Others, though, argue that Cloud Imperium is simply catering to all of their players, including those with deep, deep pockets. Feel free to chime in with your own thoughts in the comments below.

Ryan Winslett

Staff Writer for CinemaBlend.