Even though Bungie just recently released Destiny 2: Warmind back in May, the company is already looking forward to the next big release for the sci-fi shooter. Gamers who have felt let down by any of the previous expansions can now look forward to the next big release set to arrive sooner than you think.

The news was posted on the official Bungie Twitter, revealing a 13 second trailer featuring a brief look at the upcoming announcement set to go live at 9:00 a.m. Pacific Standard Time on June 5th for the next expansion, called Destiny 2: Forsaken.

The Year 2 reveal will be broadcast both on the Bungie YouTube channel, as well as via livestream through the Bungie channel on Twitch.tv.

The reveal will be part of a stream, which likely means that Bungie will do more than just make a brief announcement and call it a day. Expect some gameplay footage and some additional story reveals centered around what you'll be doing in the next expansion.

One thing worth noting is that it appears Cayde-6 is back at the center of the adventure, so expect a lot of wise-cracking jokes and humor to fill out the dialogue.

The last two expansions for the first-person shooter centered around Ikora Rey and Commander Zavala. In Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris, players were tasked with hunting down Osiris across ancient ruins in a techno-maze of sorts. Some believed that Osiris had gone mad, others believed that he had reached a new plane of enlightenment. It was discovered that through his studies of the Light, Osiris was trying to save as many people as possible, and with the help of the player's Guardian, they were able to restore peace and balance to the universe.

In Destiny 2: Warmind, the short story expansion was based on a dormant super-powered AI known as Warmind. A scientist was attempting to wake it up in order to help fight back against the various enemies threatening the survival of the human species, but Commander Zavala was not at all thrilled with bringing Warmind into the fight. It turns out that after activating it the AI had plans of its own, and whether or not that actually involves fully protecting humanity or not remains to be seen.

The first two expansions set up threads for future expansions, but neither of the two directly connected. It's likely that the same will apply for Destiny 2: Forsaken, since it seems to be themed around Cayde-6 and a completely different kind of mission.

The feedback hasn't been the most positive, with a lot of gamers expressing disappointment over the current expansions that have been released, but we'll see if Bungie can rectify that with its newest expansion. We'll definitely find out once the livestream is posted on June 5th featuring the all new Destiny 2 campaign content.

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