Destiny 2 is set to kick off its second year of content on Sept. 4 with the Forsaken expansion and, according to Bungie, they've taken a lot of player feedback into account in order to improve the game in just about every way imaginable. They've even got a 10-minute video breaking the whole thing down.

Much like the original Destiny, Destiny 2 has been on something of a roller coaster for its first year. When the game launched, the vast majority of critics pegged it as a marked improvement over the original, giving players clearer paths to rewards and a wider variety of activities. Unfortunately, those activities grew stale for many players after the first few months, and the first pair of expansions only offered minor injections of new content. In short, Guardians the world over want a game that's both bigger and better.

According to the folks at Bungie, they've heard those players loud and clear and, much like the first major expansion to the original game, Forsaken looks to be piling on a sizable amount of content that offers something new to just about every aspect of the game.

Before I go any further, I'm going to skip straight to the most important addition through the Forsaken expansion: Bows. I'm not sure why these things have me so excited, but they'll come in short-, mid- and long-range varieties and, since they're slower to fire, they're going to pack a mean punch.

Okay, now that I've gotten that out of my system, let's rundown the rest of the content set to arrive in Destiny 2 on Sept. 4. First up is the new campaign, which sees players teaming up with Cayde-6 on a quest to wrangle some very bad outlaws. Apparently, Cayde has been sending baddies to a space prison for a very long time and, wouldn't you know it, they've finally managed to break out. You'll visit two new destinations to track them down, including The Tangled Shore and The Dreaming City. At the heart of the quest are eight Barons, especially badass bosses who command their own small armies.

For those of you who have been begging for a new raid, that's getting added with Forsaken as well. Not a lot of info was given since they want to keep the raid a bit of a surprise, but the team promised lots of puzzles and more baddies than in any previous raid.

Another cool game mode is also on the way, called Gambit. It's a 4v4 competitive mode that sees the two teams competing in separate arenas to take down waves of enemies. Completing certain objectives makes things harder on the other team, and you can even send one of your own teammates directly into the opposition's camp to cause some trouble.

A total of nine new Supers are being added to the game, one per sub-class for each of the game's classes. Hunters can throw some killer knives, for instance, while Titan's can create a murder tornado with a massive hammer and Warlocks can blast enemies with a beam of pure power.

As with all DLC for Destiny 2, you can expect plenty of new gear, new Exotics, new multiplayer maps, Adventures, Destination Activities , quality of life adjustments (such as more weapon and loadout variety) and did I mention the new bow weapon class? Because you get bows now. Bows are rad. Remember, you can check out Forsaken on Sept. 4.

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