Koei Tecmo and Team Ninja have announced that Dead or Alive 6 is on its way, and that the game will be arriving for home consoles and PC. The upcoming fighting game will bring back many fan-favorite characters, as well as introduce all new gameplay systems.

The trailer was revealed exclusively over on IGN, featuring both a small taste of the game's cinematics, as well as some full blown gameplay and hard-hitting fisticuffs.

The trailer isn't very long, clocking in at just over a minute in length. It starts with a cinematic featuring Team Ninja's Ryu Hayabusa from the popular Ninja Gaiden series. He's engaged in a sword duel in the forest, where he and his opponent teleport among the bamboo trees, clashing swords and throwing shurikens.

The trailer then transitions into the actual gameplay, where we see what appears to be maybe Lee and Zack fighting. The game's graphics have changed drastically so that all the characters look vastly different from what most people might be used to from the Dead or Alive series.

The sweat mechanics from Dead or Alive 5 have returned, but this time it appears as if they've been highlighted and connected to a feature that centers in on more physical damage dished out by the pugilists. We see Lee uppercut Zack and later punch him square in the jaw, as we get a good zoom in on Zack's face wobbling from the impact.

Later in the trailer we also see that the screen turns red and the characters visually depict bruises and cuts on their faces. It's obviously no where near as realistic or as in-depth as say EA Sports UFC 3 but it is visually apparent enough.

We then see Ryu and Hayate once more, battling it out in a back alley arena, where an explosive car is nearby and wooden crates are available for visual destruction.

When Ryu gets knocked back into the crowd of onlookers, they quickly push him back into the fight, showcasing more interactivity between the characters and the environment.

Previous Dead or Alive games also had interactive environments, but usually it was either subtle or really over the top. It appears Team Ninja is following in pursuit behind Namco's Tekken 7, where the interactive backgrounds are more of a natural element in the fight. This is made quite apparent with the laser-grid ring, where opponents are punished by getting forced to the edge and zapped when they hit the electrified ropes.

Dead or Alive 6 is scheduled to release in early 2019 for PS4, Xbox One and PC. Expect more character reveals and gameplay content to be on display either at E3 this year on the show floor or during the EVO tournament, which is set to take place in July.

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