The week of E3 is always filled with surprises, even when games get leaked to the high heavens. In the case of Electronic Arts, the company did manage to surprise a few gamers with the announcement of Unravel Two, a sequel to the critically acclaimed puzzle-platformer that came out back in 2016.

The game was unveiled during the EA Play event, but the trailer was posted up separately over on the Electronic Arts YouTube channel.

The trailer starts with Yarny, the hero from the original Unravel, involved in a wreckage at sea, and eventually the yarn-wrapped hero washes ashore next to a suitcase. The latch on the case breaks during the storm, and slowly the lid lifts up and inside it's revealed that another yarn doll is there. Hence, the title Unravel Two, since two yarn dolls will be traveling in an adventure together.

The two yarn dolls share some kind of magical bond, and we see a light sparking between the two of them as they touch yarn rolls together.

A pop song begins to play and we see both the yarn dolls jumping and running through what looks like some kind of mystical forest.

The two are on an adventure to chase the magical, glowing spark. It's a bit different from the goals of the first game, where Yarny was attempting to restore the constitution of photos and repair some lost memories between loved ones. The original story was a heartfelt adventure centered around traveling through unique, realized settings.

Unravel Two appears to be a lot more focused and energetic. I suppose the pop music fits the more upbeat tone with the sequel.

One of the new features in the game is that there's the ability to connect the two Yarny characters together and help one another through the tough spots. In a way, it reminds me a little bit of games like Army of Two or Portal 2, where gamers need to rely on another player to help you out.

The interesting thing with the Unravel sequel is that even though the game centers around the two yarn rolls traveling together and chasing after the magical sprite, you can actually play in single-player mode or you can team up with another player and play locally together.

The game also features the ability to unlock new Yarnys in your adventure and customize them. Surprisingly, the game is available right now and you don't even have to wait for it to release. You can get it on Origin for $19.99 for PC, or through the PlayStation Store for the PS4, or the Xbox Store for the Xbox One.

I imagine for people looking for more co-op adventures like A Way Out, which was also published by Electronic Arts, then you can check out Unravel Two, which is available right now.

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