Prey's New Mooncrash DLC Is Already Here

Leading up to Bethesda's big E3 announcements and press conference, we had small hints and tips as to what we could expect from the newest Prey DLC set to arrive a year after the game's launch. While the DLC might be slightly tardy, I'm sure fans are just happy that the game is still being supported a year after launch, given that most games are lucky to receive support three months after launch. Well, the crazy part about it is that after all the teases it appears as if the Mooncrash DLC for Prey is already here.

The DLC was formally announced through a three minute trailer, as depicted over on the Ubisoft YouTube channel.

We knew from the teasers that the DLC would center around venturing to a new location, facing off against new enemies and exploring the all-new moon base.

The base is set within a dome, featuring new mimics to fight, new corridors to explore, and various new gadgets to utilize. The hook for the Mooncrash DLC is that every single time you play the game there will be new things to explore and every single run will be different.

There are various variables and procedural conditions that will alter the way the levels play out, and the way the enemies are positioned, forcing players to constantly re-adapt to their surroundings and the new enemy placements.

Outside of the new DLC being made available for gamers, Bethesda also announced that there are free updates available for Prey owners as well. The free content includes the all-new Survival Mode and New Game+.

In addition to the Story Mode, you'll be able to play through New Game+ by picking up where you left off with your character. All the progress you made through the Story Mode will carry over into New Game+.

Additionally, there's the Survival Mode, which is a hardcore mode that is designed for players who enjoy permadeath and the challenge of going through the gameplay where one wrong move could completely destroy all your progress.

Prey launched last year as a sort of reboot on the 2006 first-person shooter, which originally came out for the Xbox 360. The new game changes things up by creating a new main character in the form of Morgan Yu, and swapping out the portal-based thematics for a more streamlined experience based around an alien species called Mimics.

The new updates should provide plenty of new opportunities for players to dive back into Prey and try out the new content, as well as experiment with the New Game+. It may have taken a year for the updates to arrive, but it should be enough to expand the replayability of the sci-fi first-person shooter for PC, PS4 and Xbox One gamers.

The new modes are available right now, along with the new Mooncrash DLC.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.