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WWE 2K19

It may seem like WWE 2K18 just came out, but, believe it or not, it was a year ago when it was announced and fan-favorite babyface Seth Rollins was revealed as the cover athlete. This year the WWE is keeping with the new-found tradition of having a current, active member of the roster as the cover athlete, which is rather evident by the fact that the current WWE Champion, AJ Styles, was selected to be on the front of the box for this year's WWE 2K19.

Over on the official WWE2K website there's an official announcement for WWE 2K19 along with the revelation that Georgia's own AJ Styles will be the cover athlete for this year's iteration.

The announcement also came paired with three different iterations that will be available when the game launches this fall, including the standard edition, which will be available on October 9th, 2018, the deluxe edition, which will be available several days early on October 5th, 2018, and the collector's edition, which will be available on October 5th as well.

The standard copy and deluxe edition both feature the WWE Champion on the cover, his soccer-mom hair blowing in the wind while wearing a vest and holding up both hands to reveal the "P1" symbol, which stands for "Phenomenal One."

If you decide to go with the standard edition, you can still gain access to special content by pre-ordering WWE 2K19, which comes with some additional digital bonus content.

The deluxe edition of WWE 2K19 comes with everything available in the standard edition, along with the season pass. Now we don't know what's contained within the season pass or what sort of post-launch content it covers, but, according to the site, we'll find out later this summer when the season pass content is detailed. What's more is that the deluxe edition will also open up access to the digital content available in the collector's edition, which is kind of cool.

As for the collector's edition of WWE 2K19, it comes with everything from the standard edition, along with the deluxe edition, and everything from the pre-order bonuses, but it also comes in a specially marked box. In addition to that, you'll also have access to exclusive physical collectibles included in the box, and limited edition WWE Supercard content.

Also, as mentioned, you'll gain early access to WWE 2K19 when you purchase the deluxe or collector's edition for Xbox One, PC or PS4.

Interestingly enough, we don't know anything about the actual game, though. While pre-orders are currently open and you can purchase the game for the three major platforms, the only details about the actual game is that it contains lots of customization features, a massive roster from the WWE main brands and the NXT brands, as well as popular superstars and legends from the past.

Whether or not any overhauls have been done to the actual gameplay since WWE 2K18, we don't actually know. Those details will likely be revealed at some point in the near future, and, obviously, ahead of the October 5th release date.