PUBG Will Compensate Players Who Were Falsely Banned For Cheating

Two players stand back-to-back in PUBG.

Usually when a player gets banned from a game, it's because they were caught cheating or reported for heinous behavior. In PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, though, some folks found themselves getting smacked with the ban hammer for no reason at all. The good news is that, not only is Bluehole Studio really sorry about the mix-up, but they're going to be offering compensation to folks who found themselves unjustly ousted from the game.

When someone says they were banned from a game "for no good reason," that frequently means there was a very good reason that they're maybe not willing to admit in a civilized setting. In the case of many PUBG players, though, they were legitimately free of sin. Go figure!

We reported recently that the team behind the popular battle royale game was starting to crack down extra hard on hackers and cheaters. While some would argue that kind of behavior isn't a big deal in a free-to-play game, others would argue that ruining the fun of dozens of other players every single time you decide to join a match is absolutely grounds for retaliation.

Anyway, long story short, apparently Team PUBG got a bit too overzealous while implementing new anti-cheating procedures and inadvertently banned a whole bunch of people who were not actually engaging in any such shenanigans.

While a recent update from the developers does not offer an idea of how many players were improperly banned or for how long their accounts were blacklisted, it at least explains what is being done as a result of those actions taken in error.

In short, they're going to buy your forgiveness. Anyone who was improperly banned should already be back up and running in PUBG and, in the coming days, they should also notice 20,000 BP popping up in their accounts. Some players may have already noticed the sudden influx of in-game cash. We're a bit rocky on the conversion rate at this point but last we checked, you can buy six loot crates for about 7,000 BP, so that's definitely not a small amount of funds.

Based on the comments, though, PUBG players aren't exactly happy with the compensation. Some claim they were negatively affected by all of this anti-cheating jibba-jabba, but never got officially banned, so they're upset they aren't receiving compensation too. Others have pointed out that while you can grab a bunch of in-game loot crates with the 20,000 BP, the people affected still need to spend real-world cash to buy keys to unlock them. Others are just hurling various vulgarities in the general direction of PUBG or begging the developers to bring back in-game trading.

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