Gears 5 may still be a ways off from launching but, following the big E3 2018 reveal during the Microsoft showcase, The Coalition has begun drip-feeding additional details about the game to help tide over eager fans. One such recent tidbit even shows off a new character, as well as a new take on a familiar weapon.

Over on the Gears 5 Twitter feed, The Coalition has posted an in-game image teasing Fahz Chutani, a fresh face for series fans. Perhaps more interesting to Gears vets, though, is the weapon Chutani is holding, which is only currently teased as a "brand new Lancer variant."

We zoomed in nice and close on the firearm and, while the typical Lancer chainsaw is missing, it appears to be replaced by an underslung attachment of some sort. Our money is on some kind of a grenade launcher, but we doubt The Coalition would be making such a big deal out of something so standard. Since Gears 5 will be heading into new territory, maybe we can expect some new technology to back the soldiers up. The game seems to be set in a frozen wasteland, so maybe we're looking at some sweet ice grenades?

Perusing the comments, we see that fans are kicking around everything from a simple shotgun to an Overkill attachment. We haven't been involved with Gears' online modes in a while, but the other major point of conversation is that fans want to make sure that whatever this new gun is, it's not included in competitive modes. Apparently balance is a big concern.

Feel free to offer your own ideas in the comments below, but we're putting out money on this being a Lancer with a T-shirt launcher attached.

Thankfully, we shouldn't have to wait horribly long to learn more, as Gears 5 has been announced for a 2019 launch window. One of the biggest surprises of the game's reveal is that Kait Diaz will be the main protagonist. She was one of the main characters in Gears of War 4, but we're looking forward to seeing Diaz take center stage this time around.

In the announcement trailer, we see Diaz has lost someone close to her and, rather than agreeing to fall in line and head away from danger with the rest of her fellow Gears, she's hell-bent on heading straight into the lion's den to uncover some mysteries about her family. Since they are of Locust descent, trust issues seem to be a major focus of the upcoming game.

Gears 5 is set to launch exclusively for the Xbox One but, since Microsoft and Nintendo are getting along so well these days, we're going to double down on our insane predictions and forecast an appearance by Diaz in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Okay, only kidding here, but think about how insane that would be.