Ahead of the release of Far Cry 5 Ubisoft made it known that the game would have a series of DLC campaigns released post-launch. Each of the DLC packs come with all new pieces for the mapmaker along with some wildly varied stories and action-oriented gameplay. The first DLC is already available right now for the PC, PS4 and Xbox One versions of the first person shooter called Far Cry 5: Darkest Hour. Ubisoft recently revealed the next piece of DLC, which is set in outer space and features an over-the-top adventure called Far Cry 5: Lost On Mars. Take a look:

This first-person shooting romp set to take place on Mars was revealed over on the Ubisoft YouTube page. The DLC will be available for the PC, PS4 and Xbox One starting July 17th as part of the season pass, which is available for $29.99 or as an individual purchase for $9.99. The reveal trailer is only 38 seconds long, but it features a quick cinematic to give gamers a glimpse of two of the characters from the Far Cry 5 main campaign, Nick Rye and Hurk. Nick is seen driving in his truck to help out his buddy Hurk, who finds himself in a jam. On his way to Hurk's place, Nick ends up getting abducted by aliens and transported to Mars.

Even though the clip is just over a half minute long, we do get to see some snippets of gameplay for the upcoming piece of DLC, including players traversing the Mars landscape, some of the new alien spider enemies players will face, as well as the new weapons that will be featured in the DLC.

We see some expertly lit areas where players will explore an alien station with some creatures in a tube and a space-age rifle at their disposal, some sniper rifles, a giant flying dinosaur-alien looking creature, and the typical towers scattered across the Mars surface.

The description also lays out details for four of the new weapons, including a single-shot rifle called the Blaster of Disaster. A laser-ball cannon called the Hellfire. An explosive morphing gun known as the Morphinator, which seems to be an homage to the shrink ray from Duke Nukem 3D. And there will be space jets featured in the DLC as well. Also, all of the parts from the DLC will be available in the Far Cry Arcade, so you can build out all new maps using the Mars assets.

One can't help but notice the color scheme seems very similar to the one featured in Dean Evans' Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon. The bright neon colors juxtaposed with the dark atmosphere really helped make Blood Dragon standout among all the other brownish-gray shooters that came out back during that time.

Ubisoft really seems to be going out of the way to experiment with the DLC for Far Cry 5, which isn't a bad thing at all. In fact, more companies should definitely be willing to experiment with their games and try new things in the first-person shooter genre.

You'll be able to experience the new Far Cry 5: Lost On Mars expansion when it releases next week on July 17th.

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