No Man's Sky is about to take its next giant leap forward with the introduction of enhanced ships, base-building upgrades and legitimate multiplayer support, all on display in the game's latest trailer. The appropriately named "Next" update will soon bolster the gameplay experience on the PlayStation 4 and PC and, for the first time ever, bring the universe-spanning adventure to the Xbox One.

When No Man's Sky first launched back in 2016, many folks were underwhelmed with the final product. The game was lacking many expected features, including the ability to cruise around a never-ending universe with your friends. That all changes on July 24 with the introduction of No Man's Sky Next, a brand new game for the Xbox One and a free update for anyone who already owns No Man's Sky on other platforms.

In this latest trailer, one of the first things you'll notice is that No Man's Sky is now officially playable in a first- or third-person view. The next thing you'll likely notice is that the underwater questing appears much-improved and, even better, additional players are hanging around.

While No Man's Sky promised multiplayer action at launch, Hello Games was unable to deliver on that front. Even more damning, it appeared in the early goings that players weren't even knocking about in the same shared universe. Small steps have been taken toward correcting those holes in the gameplay and, if this latest trailer is to be believed, it looks like the team has finally pulled everything together.

According to an announcement over on the PlayStation Blog, players will soon be able to team up in a "small team of friends" to explore together. You'll also be able to help each other survive, build shelters or even entire colonies that can be shared by the group. If you're looking for some high-flying action, you'll also be able to take to the skies as a group, shooting down baddies or attacking massive ships as a team. Oh, and you'll also be able to create "tracks" across the map in order to race your pals. In other words, it sounds like No Man's Sky is gearing up to finally deliver the experience shown off during some of its earliest trailers.

All of that multiplayer goodness is being combined with some new base building functionality, the ability to command freighters and, even though the game already looks great, a graphical overhaul that should help make everything more picture-perfect than ever before. And that's on top of all of the significant updates that have already enhanced the game since launch.

It's totally understandable that some folks were not happy with No Man's Sky's initial launch, but we figure pretty much everyone has to give the developers credit for not only sticking with the game, but continuing to build on it until they were finally able to deliver a space opera you can enjoy with friends at your side.

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