Fortnite Has Disabled Its Shopping Cart And ATK

The Fortnite shopping cart.

If it feels like a lot less vehicle-based antics are going on in Fortnite right now, that's because both the shopping cart and ATK have been temporarily removed from the game. Apparently there's a bug in need of squashing, which is a real shame in the middle of a week where players have been offered a challenge to ride those vehicles through flaming hoops.

The folks over at Gamespot are reporting on a recent update to Fortnite Battle Royale that has removed the mode's two vehicles from play. This all comes from a tweet from the Fortnite team explaining that an unspecified bug tied to the cart and ATK was causing problems within the game. No timeframe has been offered on a fix outside of the fact that they'll both be returned to normal play as soon as the problem has been resolved.

Again, that wouldn't be a big issue if not for this week's in-game challenges. Each week, players are given a collection of tasks to complete within the Battle Royale mode. These are sometimes as simple as getting a certain number of kills with a certain weapon. Other times, though, additional wrinkles are thrown into the game to accommodate the challenges, such as landing in certain zones, solving puzzles or locating certain items. This week, one of the challenges tasked players to grab a cart or ATK (basically a golf kart) and ride them through flaming hoops spread across the map. So, obviously, it's kind of difficult to complete this task without said vehicles to ride through those flaming hoops.

We understand this might frustrate some players, but we're sure the ring of fire challenge will pop up again in the challenge rotation. And if you're bummed on missing out on some extra experience this week because you didn't complete the challenge before the vehicles were removed, you're only a few days away from a fresh batch of tasks to tackle.

As noted in the original story, this is by no means the first time the shopping cart has caused trouble within Fortnite. Introduced just a few months back, it has been disabled a number of times due to bugs. Epic usually solves the problem quickly, though, allowing players to get back to riding down hills or launching themselves off of man-made ramps.

The fact that these vehicles are even in the game was a bit of a surprise, as Epic held early on that there would not be vehicles in Battle Royale. This was due to the size of the game's map, which isn't big enough to warrant cars cruising around all of the time. They managed to find modes of transport that fit the game perfectly, though, as they don't offer too much of a speed boost and are more regularly used for fun and games than seen as a round-winning advantage.

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