Destiny 2

When it comes to prepping for new content to drop for a highly popular game, the one thing most gamers don't expect to hear about is a feature being disabled. In the case of Destiny 2, the disabling of a certain longstanding feature in the game comes amidst the aims from the developers to integrate a brand new and far more robust version of that feature into the game as part of the new expansion roll out for Destiny 2: Forsaken. Don't worry, though, the feature is only going to be disabled for the week preceding the release of Bungie's next big expansion pack for its science-fiction first-person shooter for home consoles and PC.

Polygon is reporting that the Collections tab is the feature that's getting the boot for a limited amount of time. The Collections tab allowed you to view all of the weapons and exotic gear you accrued during your looting runs, and allows you to easily reacquire some of the exotics that you attained previously.

According to the article, emblems and exotics are stored in the Collections tab, and by comparison the tab in the vanilla version of the game is vastly more limited than the one that will appear in the Forsaken expansion pack.

During the week preceding the launch of the expansion, starting August 28th, the Collections tab will be disabled and access to the items will be prohibited until the launch. That means reprinting emblems or exotics from August 28th to September 4th will be restricted.

It might be wise to do all of your copying right now ahead of the brief closure of the Collections tab before the feature is disabled and upgraded for the next major release for the first-person shooter.

Additionally, scores that you rack up during the Nightfall strikes will also be disabled during the pre-launch week, alongside the Collections tab. One interesting thing is that Polygon notes that there's no details on if the Nightfall scoring for the strikes will return in Destiny 2: Forsaken. If it doesn't, one has to wonder if it was even worth adding in the first place. Unless of course, a lot of gamers actually used the feature and are bummed that it was taken away. Usually though, only the really beloved and fan-favorite features are the ones that garner any sort of lamenting from the community.

In the comment section there's also a link to a tweet from the community manager at Bungie who reveals that while the Collections will be disabled for a week, access to your items stored within the Vault will still be available between August 28th and September 4th.

The feedback from this move hasn't been quite as raucous as some people may have expected. A lot of decisions made by Bungie over the past year have resulted in some unfortunate circumstances, especially regarding the XP scaling, and some issues involving the game's microtransactions. Since late 2017 Bungie has been on damage control, attempting to repair the reputation of Destiny 2.

We'll see if the company can restore some faith in the franchise when Destiny 2: Forsaken launches in early September.

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