Dying Light Bad Blood

Techland's Dying Light has managed to become a very valuable property for the developer. The original Dying Light turned out to be a smash hit success, selling millions of copies, budding a worthwhile modding scene, and earning itself a decent cache of DLC. Techland is also busy working on the sequel, Dying Light 2, but the company isn't done yet. There's also a Battle Royale game in the works based on the property. Yes, a Battle Royale game. The developers announced that Dying Light: Bad Blood will be a last man standing action title, utilizing the gameplay and mechanics from Dying Light, and it's set to enter Early Access on Steam starting next month, in September.

The new outing is being called a "Brutal Royale" game, and will combine PvP and PvE action together into one hardcore gaming experience. Much like other Battle Royale titles, the objective is to be the last man standing at the end of the round. Your objective is to collect the blood samples from the zombie hive and get to the extraction zone before it's too late. Along the way you'll encounter other players to either befriend them or kill them in order to complete your mission.

Much like the standard Dying Light experience, the game will retain its core roots in mixing in brutal melee-based combat with first-person shooter elements. You'll also still be able to traverse the open-world environment using some fancy parkour maneuvers.

According to Techland, the new Battle Royale-style game came about after receiving a lot of positive feedback from the Be The Zombie mode from the original Dying Light, which was an asymmetric cooperative experience that saw one player controlling a deadly zombie, while several other players attempted to collect the hive samples and escape. This mode was a precursor to other asymmetric multiplayer modes that would later ape the concept and go on to become blockbuster sellers, such as Friday The 13th: The Game and Dead By Daylight.

Before launching in full, Techland wants to refine the gameplay experience and fine tune it based on feedback from the community. This is why Dying Light: Bad Blood is entering into Early Access, so that any of the issues can be squashed before release.

According to the Steam Early Access page, the full version of the game is scheduled to come out four to six months after the game enters Early Access. There are plans to advance the meta-game, add in additional shop content, implement new modes, add a new custom map, and balance out other gameplay features.

Now, unlike Fortnite or PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, you won't have 99 other players in the map with you. The game is still multiplayer only, but the player count is limited to 12. Yes, 12.

However, the gimmick is that since this is a PvEvP game, there will be hundreds of zombies roaming around to make life difficult for the 12 players.

Getting into the Early Access will require a purchase, though. You'll need to pick up a digital copy of the Founder's Pack, which contains various exclusive items. However, the full game will be free-to-play. So, only those who alpha/beta test will have to pay to do so. Those who wait four to six months will be able to get into the action of Dying Light: Bad Blood for free.

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