mercenary in Anthem

Anthem is due out next year, with BioWare aiming to create a grand, sweeping sci-fi adventure. To make sure the score is just as grand and sweeping, they've brought in Assassin's Creed Origins vet Sarah Schachner to craft the sounds of a new universe.

Over on the BioWare blog, a recent post has introduced the community to composer Sarah Schachner, who is handling the score for Anthem. As the post notes, Anthem is sending players on a wild journey into a new IP, so they took crafting the game's original score very seriously. Considering the fact that she has worked on games like Assassin's Creed Origins, Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare and Far Cry 3, it's clear Schachner is no stranger to epic games full of over-the-top action. That experience carries over to film, too, where she's worked on everything from The Expendables 2 to Iron Man 3. So movies and games with sci-fi themes, exosuits and loads of explosive firefights? Yeah, Schachner seems like a perfect fit for Anthem.

It's clear from their comments that the team at BioWare agrees.

A multi-instrumentalist, Schachner's evocative time-travelling and intergalactic scores will create the perfect backdrop for rocketing around in a javelin and exploring Anthem's dangerous world.

Work on scoring the game is going down at Ocean Way Studios in Nashville, Tennessee, which is basically a massive old church turned into a recording studio. The blog post includes a look at how the recording process is being carried out, as well as a sample of the song "Valor (Freelancer Theme") from the game's original score. As promised, the sound is sci-fi as hell, boasting otherworldly tones running through the background of a brass and strings-heavy melody. It's got that grand sense of discovery at its heart and even some creative use of a didgeridoo that almost sounds like a little dubstep sneaking in.

With Anthem due out sometime next year, we're looking forward to more of these behind-the-scenes looks at development, introducing the community to the folks bringing what promises to be an absolutely massive game to life.

We're also interested to see how the community responds to the game as launch draws closer. Critics and players alike were mostly unimpressed with BioWare's latest game, Mass Effect: Andromeda, which was supposed to be a launch pad for a new series set in the popular sci-fi universe. That seems to have folks approaching Anthem with a bit more caution, as it's a new IP that seems to lean heavily on EA's new love of games as service. The game has also drawn a lot of comparisons to Destiny, another sci-fi series players aren't too keen on at the moment. But what matters is whether or not the Anthem is fun to play and, based on pretty much every hands-on feature we've managed to find, folks seem to be having a blast with the early build.

We'll just have to wait and see how the whole thing comes together sometime next year.

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