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Character balance is a hard thing to maintain. Whenever you have a game based on character-based attributes, you run into the problem of trying to find a delicate balance between all of the characters. This is something that MMO developers have to deal with all the time, just as well as MOBA developers, and competitive FPS developers. Ubisoft fits into the last category when it comes to balancing out characters for the competitive first-person shooter Rainbow Six Siege. More importantly, Ubisoft has been attempting to fine-tune and test each of the new Operators before they become available in the game for public use, and one of the Operators that were nearing completion had to be nerfed before being made available for everyone.

According to Gamespot, Ubisoft decided to nerf one of the upcoming Operators who was planned for release after receiving feedback during the test server phase. Two of the new characters included in the new Operation Grim Sky update are Maverick and Clash, and it appears as if Maverick is getting nerfed.

So what was the problem?

Well, Maverick's changes come at the expense of players feeling as if the Operator was "too effective," so some of his gadgets and gear will be getting toned down. This includes replacing his smoke grenade with a stun grenade, and the blowtorch that he can use to cut through walls will have its volume turned up so opposing players will be able to hear where the cuts are being made in the wall. The blowtorch is also being weakened so that it's harder to cut through defenses that have barbed wire. Essentially it will now take twice as long to get through those barriers.

The article also notes that some suggestions and feedback included having Maverick run out of fuel faster for the blowtorch and to have a shorter range, forcing him to stay up close to a wall and spend a little more time on it. However, for now, the only changes Ubisoft is making to the character is for the replacements of the smoke grenades and the lengthening of time it takes to cut through certain barriers.

Based on the report so far it doesn't appear as if the other new Operator, Clash, will have any changes made to her loadout. She comes equipped with a new portable shield that can be used to block all incoming fire by unfolding the shield and using it as a mobile tank of sorts. She can also fire off an electro-shock to stun enemies and whittle down their health, allowing fellow teammates to swoop in and finish off the foes.

Clash and Maverick are due to release with the next big update for Rainbow Six Siege. The update will also arrive with a few other changes to some of the other Operators as well, including Zofia having her concussion grenade count reduced, Glaz is being debuffed so he can't shoot entirely through panels, and Hibana will be gaining a buff so that she can now destroy a hatch with a few pellet shots.

The big Operation Grim Sky update will drop in September along with Maverick and Clash for Rainbow Six Siege on Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

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