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Following the shooting at the Madden NFL 19 tournament taking place at The Landing in Jacksonville, Florida, many gamers, exhibitors, game developers, and publishers have been on edge about security. A lot of people are concerned about safety measures at upcoming gaming events, and ensuring that those attending are treated with the utmost importance when it comes to security and protection. The organizers of this year's PAX West have made it known publicly that the upcoming event will be closely monitored and properly guarded for attendees.

According to, PAX organizers made a statement that, first, acknowledged the victims of the shooting at the Madden NFL 19 tournament, and then proceeded to note that the attendees, exhibitors and staff attending this year's PAX West in Seattle, Washington are their utmost priority, hence they've increased the security at the event. This includes hiring a private security firm to monitor activity at PAX West, as well as local law enforcement and "other personnel," which likely includes floor staff and volunteers.

The PAX Organizers went a step further, stating that they would not be disclosing the details of the security program in order to maintain its "effectiveness". But the staff will be working closely with the Seattle Police Department, federal law enforcers, private security, and those who work at the Washington State Convention Center.

The security details are also not going to be fixed; the organizers will adjust security at this year's event to meet the needs of attendees in whatever capacity deemed necessary. So, I imagine this level of flexibility will enable them to keep security personnel apparent and present at all times.

The response from the PAX West organizers coming out publicly to announce the intention to increase visibility and viability of security details did not go unnoticed by other organizers and event handlers. also reported that both the ESA and EVO tournament organizers also chimed in to talk about beefing up security. EVO's Joey Cueller noted that for next year's big tournament, EVO 2019 would feature staff who are more proactive in maintaining security for the event. For EVO 2018, there weren't any major issues reported and just about everything went off without a hitch at the eSports event, but being proactive in security measures during this day and age isn't a bad thing at all.

The ESA also noted that organizers would be coordinating with local law enforcement and security details for E3. There was no note on whether security or enforcement policies would change from E3 2018 to E3 2019, but the ESA did note that there would be reviews and checks to see what could be improved upon for next year's event.

For those more worried about the interim, you can take some solace in knowing that PAX West will have increased security details and law enforcement visibility at this year's event in Seattle, Washington in order to prevent any outbursts of violence.

You can look for PAX West to get underway starting this Saturday, on September 1st,.

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