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Alan Wake aims flashlight and gun

Remedy, the studio behind such games as Max Payne, Quantum Break and Alan Wake, is pulling together an internal team with the goal of forging a new path into multiplayer experiences. They're still staffing up at the moment but, according to the developer, one of the primary focuses of the team will be to work "quickly and independently," so maybe we'll be catching buzz about their first project in the not-too-distant future.

Over on the Remedy website, the developer has announced a new initiative known as Vanguard. That's what they're calling a new team being established to work with "a slightly different focus" from the rest of the studio's projects, such as the recently announced Control, a new third-person action title, and the Crossfire series, which they are crafting the campaign for. Control was actually announced during E3 2018, after a bit of teasing, and looks to offer yet another supernatural twist on the sneaky-sneaky-shoot-shoot genre, but details are pretty scarce at this time.

As part of the introduction to Vanguard, Remedy explains that they are currently looking for a senior gameplay programmer and gameplay designer. Specifically, they need folks with experience in Unreal Engine 4 and who "live and breathe building ongoing live game experiences." From that statement alone I feel pretty comfortable gleaning a couple of things. For starters, it sounds a heck of a lot like they're wanting to build a games as service title for their stable. Since they're specific about the team being small, I figure the scope of the game won't be too big, especially since Remedy also states the plan is to turn out a product pretty quickly. Pull all of that together and it sounds like we're looking at, say it with me now, a battle royale game.

This is entirely speculation at this point but, again, Remedy's own comments point pretty hard in that direction. Boss Key Productions, another small studio, was able to turn out a functioning version of Radical Heights in about six months. Then again, they also launched the title as an extremely early access game in an increasingly crowded genre that only seems to have room for a couple of standouts. Here's hoping that, if Remedy is indeed making their own battle royale game, they don't make the same mistakes as Boss Key, which has since been shuttered.

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Either way, we're excited to see what "groundbreaking video games" Vanguard is able to come up with, especially at a studio like Remedy where creative ideas seem to get pushed to the forefront. Even if they were making a battle royale game, for instance, I'd put money on it offering a unique spin that hasn't been seen before.

Given all of that and knowing what we know about Remedy, what do you folks expect to see out of Vanguard? Do you feel battle royale is a safe bet or do you expect them to continue thinking outside the box? Let us know in the comments below.

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