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Some World Of Warcraft Players Accidentally Got Battle For Azeroth Loot Early

World of Warcraft Battle for Azeroth
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Almost every other year there's a buffet of new content added to one of the most popular online RPGs of all time. Blizzard's new Battle For Azeroth expansion has been in the making for a while, and gamers have definitely been looking forward to everything the update has to offer. The big roll out for the latest expansion pack for Blizzard Entertain's long-running MMORPG, World of Warcraft, saw all sorts of new loot, gear, and areas added to the game. The new expansion came out back in the middle of August and it was accompanied by a crazy amount of new content to explore. But, some gamers managed to get their hands on some of the brand new loot ahead of the actual launch of certain features for the MMO expansion pack.

According to Polygon, the new Mythic+ dungeons are making a return to Battle For Azeroth, however, the rewards for the dungeons are being handed out early for those who complete them. How is this a problem? Well, the Mythic+ dungeons for the new expansion aren't supposed to be released until next week!

Yes, while the expansion for World of Warcraft is currently available, and has been since August 14th, the Mythic+ dungeon runs weren't supposed to be made public until weeks after launch. Specifically, the Mythic+ dungeons weren't going live until next week during the middle of September.

The month-long delay in the release in the dungeon run is no surprise given that when Legion launched it, too, also had the Mythic+ option. Essentially, it's a dungeon run designed so players must complete the dungeon as fast as possible. The faster you complete it the harder the next run becomes, and the better the loot you can obtain.

In the case of the latest conundrum, some players had managed to beat Mythic+ runs from World of Warcraft: Legion and were granted the chest rewards that were supposed to be limited to the Battle for Azeroth. Major blunder right there.

As Polygon notes, some of the chest rewards resulted in players acquiring gear well above their level cap, managing to get a hold of items for those level 385 or higher, even though they're capped at level 355. The article says that this could pose a problem for the community because players who acquire super high-level gear are now at an advantage over everyone else. Given that the MMORPG now has a lot more PvP-oriented isles and areas, you can easily see how this sort of advantage in high-level gear could very well give certain players a huge leg up over the competition.

Of course, Blizzard was made aware of this and decided to rollback the rewards that players received from the Mythic+ dungeon runs that earned them high-level loot that was supposed to be relegated to the Battle for Azeroth dungeon update.

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Yes, it was just a bug that had managed to work out in the favor of various World of Worldcraft players. However, Blizzard Entertainment found and squashed the bug, and then went the next step up and removed all the "unintended rewards" that certain players received while running the dungeons.

So, if you managed to get your hands on some high-level loot and sell it for some quick cash, you may have made some nice bank on the bug. However, if you decided to keep the loot then you'll likely find that it may not be in your inventory the next time you log into World of Warcraft.

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