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When Kingdom Hearts III launches early next year, it's going to be packed with series staples like Sora and Kairi but, as the game's latest trailer makes clear, it'll also boast a who's who of Disney characters. Since it's taken about a decade to actually get made, it makes sense that Square Enix would want to cram as many familiar faces into this next battle of the keyblades as humanly possible.

Tokyo Game Show is just around the corner but, as is traditional with Japan's largest games conference, many publishers roll out their big trailers in advance of the actual show. That's why you can already clap your peepers on the "TGS Big Hero 6 Trailer" for Kingdom Hearts III and, while the voices are from the Japanese cast, the whole thing is subtitled in English; so get to watching! And, in case you're experiencing some deja vu, this is the extended version of the brief trailer launched last week.

Speaking of Big Hero 6, that's the world Square Enix has decided to focus on during their TGS presentation. Like in previous Kingdom Hearts games, the dynamic trio of Sora, Goofy and Donald Duck are going to be traveling to various worlds on a quest to meet new friends, go on adventures and stop a bunch of jerks in long black coats. These worlds are primarily ripped from the Disney vault, ranging from Snow White and The Little Mermaid to The Lion King and even Winnie the Pooh.

This latest KHIII trailer manages to pack in a bunch of Disney hot spots, including film franchises both new and old. Big Hero 6 is one of the newer locales players will get to explore in the game, with scenes from Tangled, Pirates of the Caribbean and Frozen also popping up during the new trailer's nearly four-minute runtime. It's cool seeing all of these worlds on display, as Square Enix has taken the time to really capture the atmosphere of each film. Pirates looks more realistic, for instance, while Tangled looks more animated and Big Hero 6 resides somewhere in the middle.

Also on display are a metric ton of characters, with folks from the above mentioned films joined by the likes of Mickey Mouse and a whole bunch of characters from previous Kingdom Hearts games. It seems like the developer is looking to finally wrap the whole story up with this third numbered installment in the series, which would explain the kitchen sink approach to both cast and locations.

Also worth noting is the variety of gameplay on display. Sure, you'll be doing plenty of running around, whacking baddies with various keyblades and summoning famous Disney characters to help you in battle, but it looks like the proceedings will be kept fresh with unique mechanics for major fights, various mini-games and oodles of challenges to clear.

It's been a long time coming, but Kingdom Hearts III will finally be ready to roll on Jan. 29 of next year.

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