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cartoon cat Jackbox Party Pack

The holidays are a perfect time to get in some quality family gaming, so it's great news that Jackbox Party Pack 5 will be launching in plenty of time to become a perfect distraction from political debates with uncle Gary. Jackbox Games recently hit up social media to announce a mid-October launch date for their upcoming party game across just about every platform under the sun.

As announced on Twitter today, PlayStation 4 fans can expect the latest Jackbox game to drop on Oct. 16, while all other platforms will receive this heaping helping of communal insanity a day later on Oct. 17. As for those "other platforms," they include (takes a deep breath) Steam, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, the iOS App Store, Amazon fire TV, Humble for PC and Mac, Fanatical for PC and Mac and NVIDIA TV. The game will set you back $29.99 but, according to the official website, you can order it via Steam early for $24.99.

Like previous Jackbox Party Pack collections, this fifth installment will include a suite of five games that the developer promises will be easy to learn and a hell of a lot of fun for a room full of eight players. The best thing is that these modern iterations have included the ability to control the game through mobile devices, meaning you can get a game going on your platform of choice and then your family members can simply plug in a web address on their phone and, boom, they've got a controller. Feel free to take a drink when I note that this means the Switch is an ideal platform, as you can simply pop the screen up on the kitchen table and just start playing with your cousins instead of watching the boring football game or, like, going outside to play.

Included in this upcoming collection are five games, beginning with You Don't Know Jack: Full Steam. This is the pop-culture trivia game that got this whole business started, complete with a bunch of new questions, mechanics and unexpected ways to keep players squaring off for the title of "King of potentially useless information."

Next up is Split the Room, with its description explaining it is full of "strange and divisive hypothetical situations." It sounds a lot like a high-tech version of "would you rather," but the Jack team always manages to keep things interesting with unexpected twists.

Mad Verse City is next, which tasks players with creating their own lyrics for a rap battle involving robots. There's also Patently Stupid, which forces players to create insane inventions to solve equally insane problems, as well as Zeeple Dome, which will task players with launching themselves at aliens in order to collect the most "Zubabucks."

Again, the Jackbox games are pretty much exclusively fantastic, so we're excited to see how this latest collection turns out. And, while it might have sounded like jest earlier, there's seriously no better way to cut the tension at a family gathering than to force everyone to sit down, ignore current events and just have fun playing games together.