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The Fortnite bouncer.

While some folks are bummed that Epic decided to remove the Bouncer item from Fortnite, community coordinator Sean Hamilton has taken to social media to explain why the human catapults got the axe. According to his response, it looks like balance in the area of mobility items was a key contributor.

Hamilton's tweet does a good job of fielding the question, "Why did Bouncers get removed from Fortnite?" He explains there has been an "influx" of mobility items in the popular battle royale game lately, leading the team to decide that the Bouncer needed to go into the vault for the time being.

If you're only jumping into Fortnite here in Season 6 and have no idea what the Bouncer is, it's an item that players could place on the ground similar to a trap, only it served the purpose of launching players into the air. Sure, you could use the item in clever ways to dispatch your foes but, nine times out of 10, players used it for the intended purpose of making traversal a bit more easy. If you wanted to get up high without relying on building, a Bouncer could do the trick. If used from a decent altitude, it could even be used to reinitiate your glider, allowing players to cover some serious distance or get the heck out of harm's way.

The person posing the question about missing Bouncers to Hamilton on Twitter points out that they were frequently handy when you needed to disengage another player or get out of a situation where, following a tough battle, a third party drops in and tries to ruin your day. Hamilton's response is that, from jetpacks to shopping karts, the game currently offers several ways for players to make their way around the map more quickly. In other words, the Bouncer was removed to maintain the balance epic wants to see in Fortnite's current iteration. He also hints that additional mobility items are planned, so the Bouncer's removal is helping make way for whatever that may be.

You see similar balance adjustments made in other facets of Fortntie, too. If Epic plans to introduce a new grenade or mid-range weapon, for instance, they might remove another weapon from that same category to keep things from getting too congested. These moves are typically based on statistics, too, as the weapon players most commonly pass over is typically the one to go into the vault.

Speaking of the vault, Hamilton also reminds folks in his tweet that an item going out of rotation does not mean it won't return. As Fortnite continues to evolve and the gameplay/map continues to shift, the team may decide it's time for Bouncers to make their triumphant return. Either way, it doesn't look like many professional athletes will be able to join in on the fun.

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