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Mega Man 11 Honest Game Trailer Wants To Break A Controller In Frustration

Mega Man 11 is here and, thanks to its dedication to old-school difficulty, it's been trying the patience of gamers the world over. That includes Epic Voice Guy and the Honest Game Trailers crew. The Blue Bomber knows his way around robot hordes, but how does he stand up against some brutal honesty?

As noted in the pre-trailer messages, Epic Voice Guy actually appears in Mega Man 11 as Torch Man. Despite that connection, the Honest Game Trailers crew has maintained its integrity, exposing Capcom's latest platforming adventure to the strictest of scrutiny.

The trailer's opening moments mention that Capcom has been pretty busy lately with revitalizations of their most popular properties. Resident Evil VII breathed new life into the long-running horror series last year, Monster Hunter World changed up the formula and finally broke into the mainstream and, just over the horizon, we've got a brand new Devil May Cry game heading our way. But Mega Man was blasting baddies years before any of those series, so it makes sense that Capcom would aim to lean more heavily on nostalgia and classic gameplay than trying to completely retool the formula.

The video makes note of the game's dedication to history while pointing out that, at this point, they're starting to run out of ideas for bosses. The game's trademark difficulty is also given a shoutout, with the trailer stating that, "despite its modern polish," players will want to snap their controller in half because this latest outing is "still as frustrating as Mega Man has always been."

In front of the firing squad are the game's level designs that make no logical sense (floating platforms and scaffolding), the fact that Mega Man wears his underwear over his spandex outfit and "annoying gimmicks" that punish players for even the slightest of slip-ups.

But, hey, there's a Yuri on Ice reference and, yes, a reference to the "incredibly epic and sexy" Torch Man, so it's not all bad!

Mega Man 11 arrived earlier this month for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC. Despite the number of jabs thrown by Honest Game Trailers, reviews have been very solid, with most folks praising the game for its nerve-fraying difficulty. You never know how things are going to turn out when a developer decides to revitalize an older series, but it sounds like Capcom nailed it this time around.

That's especially heartening, considering the series' recent history. Series creator Keiji Inafune left Capcom several years back and, since nobody was doing Mega Man justice, he set out to produce a spiritual successor, Mighty No. 9. The crowdfunded development turned into a disaster and the game, while good, didn't live up to fan expectations. When Capcom announced they'd be continuing the Mega Man series with a proper numbered entry, dedicated fans were understandably wary. Thankfully, everything turned out dandy in the end.

Ryan Winslett

Staff Writer for CinemaBlend.