Blizzard Entertainment has revealed some brand new swag for the upcoming BlizzCon event set to take place this fall. The swag names led some gamers to assume that it was carefully named to hint at some possible new revelations for an upcoming Diablo, but Blizzard has assured everyone that it's not a reference to a new Diablo entry.

Originally, gamers spotted some swag on the Blizzard store and noticed one of the new BlizzCon items was named "Reign of Terror." Now, obviously, given that World of Warcraft's latest expansion pack, called Battle For Azeroth, just recently released, it was clear that wasn't new content for the popular MMORPG. And, given that StarCraft II's story wrapped up some time ago, it left gamers to assume that the "Reign of Terror" swag was in reference to some new Diablo content or a new game altogether. However, Gamespot managed to catch word from a Blizzard spokesperson who stated that the swag is not representative of new content on the horizon...

These are names and copy used for some of the new products available at BlizzCon this year, and not direct references to content at the show.

So, there you have it. All your hopes are dashed at the entryway of excitement by a representative from Blizzard Entertainment.

It's not hard to see why people thought that there would be new content on the way for Diablo, or at least a new game. The three items in particular that caught the attention of gamers included a poster with the titular antagonist on the cover called "Diablo Reign of Terror Poster," with the big red menace looking extra vile, while the logo of the game sat at the bottom of the image. At first glance the poster honestly looks like the cover for the box art of a brand new expansion pack... or an entirely new game.

In fact, Diablo: Reign of Terror literally sounds like a game that would fit right in with the lore of the series, especially when previous expansions had names like Reaper of Souls and Lord of Destruction. It's not hard to see how gamers instantly assumed that this would be the name of the newest expansion.

I think most gamers were also further convinced it could have been a precursor to an announcement given the fact that there are also male and female shirts for the Reign of Terror paraphernalia.

While hopes may seem dashed at the moment, Gamespot notes that there will be a number of panels at this year's BlizzCon that dives into the "What's Next" phase for the company, and Diablo is also expected to get a dedicated panel at this year's BlizzCon as well. So, who knows, maybe the t-shirts and the poster really are a precursor to something big and Blizzard is just being coy about it? Or, maybe there really is nothing to the swag and Blizzard is trying to temper expectations so no one goes in expecting the world and the moon and only end up with a tiny twinkle in the sky.

BlizzCon gets underway starting next month, on November 2nd, along with the Nintendo Switch launch of Diablo 3.

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