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Valve's latest video game outing is a card game based on the DOTA universe. It's had a difficult time garnering positive interest after it originally popped onto the scene and gamers were none too pleased with the announcement for various reasons. But now that the beta for Artifact has been delayed, perhaps this will give gamers time to Warm to Valve's new project? Or maybe not.

According to PC Gamer, the beta for Artifact has been delayed to November 19th. So now you'll have to wait an entire month before you can get your hands on the new card game.

As noted in the article, this means that from beta to release there will be less than two weeks between both, since the beta will take place on November 19th and the full release is scheduled to take place on November 28th that following week.

It's a little difficult to imagine how within the span of a week Valve would have time to find all of the issues that gamers may encounter during the beta and fix everything within that limited span. Usually developers have anywhere between two and six months of time separation between the beta and the full release, because this way they have time to scour all of the data, look through all of the feedback, and the begin the process of working through the most pressing issues that gamers encountered during the beta test. The more time that game developers have to work through the issues, the better the overall product will be.

Typically companies like Atcivision and Electronic Arts usually space out the betas around two to three months out from release, giving the multiplayer engineers time to fix up any pressing issues not related to server capacity for popular multiplayer games like Call of Duty or Battlefield.

As pointed out in the PC Gamer article, some gamers are a little annoyed that Valve is pushing the beta so close up to the full release of the game, especially after it was noted that the official Twitter account for the game originally stated that Artifact would have a beta test in October. It appears those plans have been sent to the shredder because October only has a week and a half to go and it's unlikely that the beta will make the cut.

To further complicate matters, the upcoming beta will not be an open beta. So gamers who wanted to get in on Artifact before its official release are going to be limited in how much game time they can put in before the full release.

Also, you'll have to receive an actual key from Valve if you want to get in on the action. So not just anyone can participate in the beta ahead of release.

To be honest it's a little difficult to tell what the purpose is of Valve hosting a beta just a week before launch and for a limited audience. Most of any major problems that pop up likely won't be fixed by the time the game launches, and there's going to be a lot of crunch time if there are any game-breaking bugs discovered during the beta.

I doubt this will go over well with the crowd hating on Artifact because Valve wasn't working on Half-Life 3, but if you're still interested in the collectible card game, you can attempt to sign-up and hope to get a beta key for the November 19th beta test.

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