If you haven't booted up Hello Games' No Man's Sky in some time, you're in for a treat if you plan on playing the game during the Thanksgiving Holiday. It was announced just one day before dropping that there would be a massive Thanksgiving update featuring all sorts of new content for home console and PC games.

The tweet was let loose over on the official No Man's Sky Twitter account by the lead developer at Hello Games, Sean Murray. It reveals that the update goes live today, on Thanksgiving, for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

The update sports a cavalcade of new content for the galactic space traveling adventure sim. Inside the tweet there's a near two minute video detailing everything contained within update version 1.75, titled "Visions."

There's the ability now to gather rare collectibles from different worlds and there's also all new alien planets to discover. The team has also implemented new features on the planets, including procedurally generated craters, where you'll find down spaceships you can explore. It's very similar to the crash sites implemented into the alpha build of Star Citizen.

There have been new debris and alien technology that can acquired and sold for credits. The team has added in new missions as well, including non-violent exploration quests designed for archaeologists. Community missions have also been improved so that they update globally, and the team have improved the overall visuals for the game, including the implementation of rainbows. Yes, rainbows.

All new biomes have also made their way into the game, including extreme biomes with very hazardous atmospheres. There were hazardous planets in No Man's Sky before, but new types of hazards have been added, with even rarer materials being available on the planet. So there's the risk/reward factor that has been increased for players who are capable of surviving the risks.

And finally, the team has added all new crafting options for gamers keen on taking advantage of the new celebratory features added to the Visions update. One of those advantages is fireworks, which allows gamers to light up the sky with a bunch of bright colors and explosions for everybody to see... assuming people fly past those planets where the fireworks are going off.

No Man's Sky has traveled a long path up to its current point, and it's a huge departure from where it began when it launched back in 2016 for the PS4 and PC.

The game has seen some massive improvements and implementation of long-awaited features, such as the ability to incorporate multiplayer, and improving the vehicles, and making the game a lot more immersive and expansive. The ability to build bases has also really elevated and added so much to the game, including building underwater bases like in Subnautica.

If you own No Man's Sky and plan to get in some playtime on Thanksgiving, you can do so right now!

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