Alien Isolation

The Aliens franchise has had such a rocky road through the world of interactive entertainment. Some of the games have been serviceable, others have become cult classics, a few are extraordinary, and some are downright terrible. Well, there have been rumblings about a new Alien game being in the works and that it might get announced at this year's The Game Awards.

According to PCGamesN, we could be seeing a new game announced which will be set within Fox's Alien universe. This was picked up from tweets sent out from The Game Awards host, Geoff Keighley, who noted that "Worlds Will Change" on December 6th, using a font similar to the one used for Fox's sci-fi thriller series. This instantly led a lot of people speculate that we could be seeing a new game in the franchise pop up.

Those rumors were given additional circumstantial weight when DSO Gaming spotted the trademark for Alien: Blackout over on the World Intellectual Property Organization global brand database. The WIPO entry was recently filed, on November 22nd, by Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation. It also details that it is indeed a computer game that classifies under the physical and digital distribution categories. So, obviously, we know that 20th Century Fox has filed a trademark for a video game that will be based on Alien: Blackout.

What we don't know are the details of the game. As pointed out by DSO Gaming, it's completely possible that this new title is a mobile game even if they don't expect it to be that, much like Diablo: Immortal. The real question is if gamers will give it a cold reception like Blizzard's announcement of the hack-and-slash mobile title back at BlizzCon?

However, there's a low likelihood that one of the big reveals at The Game Awards, which is typically viewed by hardcore gamers, will hype gamers up for a new Alien game only to have it announced that it's for mobile devices. Typically those games aren't held in high regard by most gamers due to the fact that mobile games are rife with predatory monetary practices and are rather light on actual gameplay.

However, some gamers are already hoping that this is a follow-up to Creative Assembly's Alien: Isolation, which was considered one of the best games based on the intellectual property. It was also an opportunity for Sega to redeem its publishing of Aliens: Colonial Marines, which actually isn't a bad game once you get the patched version with the mod overhaul on PC, but it launched in such an abysmal state that it really tarnished the brand name.

Ridley Scott's prequel films haven't helped the property much, either, given how inconsistent and poorly written they've been. However, with Fox having started up FoxNext Games, it's possible that the company could be taking the franchise serious again and want to build on the momentum that was achieved with Alien: Isolation.

This is all assuming that Alien: Blackout will actually be announced in December during The Game Awards. We'll find out next week when the broadcast airs via streaming services.

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