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Friends Sign Up For Rainbow Six Siege Tournament, Make It Despite Not Having Really Played Game

Rainbow Six Siege
(Image credit: Ubisoft)

Toughing it through an eSports tournament is no easy task. You're usually being pitted up against some of the best of the best from the city, the state, the region, or heck even the country. However, for one group of friends none of that pressure was a problem... even though they didn't play the game much.

Kotaku is reporting that a group of friends from Norway decided to sign up for a Rainbow Six Siege eSports tournament as a bit of joke. It wasn't just any tournament, though. No, this wasn't a mom and pop shop get together, or a LAN party at a college dorm, this was DreamHack Winter 2019.

The article explains that, due to a shortage of registrants, the newbie party looking for some laughs were able to both register and get accepted into the tournament. They quickly named themselves the Minigolfgutta, which the article notes translates into "Mini golf boys," and proceeded to begin their road to infamy over the weekend during DreamHack Winter 2019.

The backstory was outlined by one of the team members over on the Rainbow Six sub-reddit. He explained that while attending a Norwegian Folk High School, which features an actual class subject of eSport (although in his case he actually takes the course as a primary subject), he learned to get good at Valve's highly popular first-person shooter, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. In that game he's part of another team known as Telenorliga.

How he managed to get to DreamHack came by way of a school trip, and that's when the ball really got rolling.

Originally he and his classmates were there to register for the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tournament taking place at DreamHack, which would make it part of the school curriculum (which is pretty awesome, by the way). But once they registered for the tournament, they were given free rein to scour about the event. So the boys decided to have a little fun, and that's when they happened upon the Rainbow Six Siege tournament, whose registration was still open.

None of them played the game much, and one of the team members had only just bought the game a week before. That's how fresh they were at it.

They were all set and ready to get a good thrashing by the serious pros, but a curious thing happened.

As mentioned at the top of the article, the Rainbow Six event had very few registrants at the DreamHack event, so the qualifiers that the Mini Golf Boys were supposed to take part in got scrapped. The tournament organizer got the call and decided to improvise by allowing the Mini Golf Boys to fast-track their way onto the stage to take on the pros, since there were no other teams to go against in the qualifiers.

During the pro match, the Mini Golf Boys were seeded into Group C brackets, which were less competitive than the top tier players in Group A, and the five teammates proceeded to try their luck in Ubisoft's Rainbow Six Siege. However, this was not a movie so there was no magical outcome with the underdog coming out on top. They were soundly defeated by the pros and decided to head back to the first-person shooter that they were familiar with... Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

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